Dwarf Fortress bonanza on Steam: Revenue increase of approximately 46,000 percent

Steam hope Dwarf Fortress: Great news shortly before release

from Oliver Jaeger
With the release of the 2D building classic Dwarf Fortress on Steam, the Adams brothers are known to have become millionaires. In a new financial update, they revealed how much they’ve made from Dwarf Fortress since the Steam release. The value is over $7 million, an increase of 46,000 percent compared to pre-Steam times.

It was already clear in December that the brothers and developers Tarn and Zach Adams no longer had to worry financially. After selling nearly half a million copies of Dwarf Fortress, the developers of the building sim have now disclosed the earnings of Dwarf Fortress since its release on Steam on the Bay 12 Games forums.

According to the Adams brothers, 7,230,123.58 US dollars in revenue should have come together, which corresponds to around 6.6 million euros. That’s a huge increase on the month leading up to the December 6 release, according to the developers at Bay 12 Games. The increase is said to be around 46,000 percent, from $15,635.07 to $7,230,123.58.

Far from financial worries – Dwarf Fortress continues to improve

In the Bay 12 Games forum, one of the two developers explains what this enormous financial success means for the brothers who laid the foundation for Dwarf Fortress more than 20 years ago: “The appreciation you give us is now part of it of our being. It carries us into the cars we drive. It sustains us as does the food we eat. There is no other existence now than that which you have made available to us.”

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Needless to say, not every cent of the money earned with Dwarf Fortress goes into the Adams brothers’ own pockets. A little less than half of this has to be paid off through taxes. Add to that personnel and business expenses while securing the future of Dwarf Fortress and introducing a new developer named Putnam to the code. The main problems of the self-employed – namely health and retirement – are secured by the high income, while ultimately there should still be a lot of money left over for personal needs.

According to the developers, an arena patch is next for Dwarf Fortress. Then you want to take care of quality-of-life improvements. Otherwise it remains to be seen what the subsequent monthly income for Dwarf Fortress will look like and whether an increase is even in sight. The Adams brothers will surely let fans know.

Source: Bay 12 games