Hogwarts Legacy: What time will Early Access be released?

Hogwarts Legacy Early Access Uhrzeit

Released on February 10, 2023 Hogwarts legacy Finally. Many fans have been eagerly awaiting the RPG from Warner Bros. and Avalanche Software for months. Some of you have one Early access access on the game that allows you the title 72 hours ahead of everyone else to play. You can find out when it starts here.

Hogwarts Legacy: Who Has Early Access?

Who at the preorders has reached a little deeper into their pockets, Hogwarts Legacy is allowed to play before everyone else. Early access begins 72 hours before normal release.

Who has early access? It depends on which edition you bought. The standard edition doesn’t have it. However, who is the deluxe or even the Collector’s Edition bought can be happy.

You can still pre-order the game. In this guide we showed you where you can buy Hogwarts Legacy and what your advantages are with the respective editions.

At what time does Early Access start?

on Twitter those responsible have announced when exactly the early access will be possible worldwide. Here you see the Overview of the times:

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The early access for PlayStation 5– and Xbox Series X/S-Players start on February 7 at midnight local time. Same here in Germany. So imagine one Alarm clock for midnight and don’t miss out when you can start hitting the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

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Important: Access is based on the digital pre-orders. Those responsible do not guarantee that physical versions arrive on time. Please contact the respective mail order company or delivery service to find out when you will receive your version.

The general release for PC is on the February 10 at 7 p.m scheduled for our time.

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