Samsung Galaxy S23: The most important innovations of the new models

Samsung Galaxy S23: The most important innovations of the new models

As usual in the past, Samsung presented its new top smartphone models at the beginning of this year. The new Samsung Galaxy S23 comes in 3 variants (S23, S23 Plus and S23 Ultra) and we will show you the most important innovations.

These new models are available: The new Galaxy S23 serieswhich replaces the S22 model series, is available in 3 different variants, which differ first of all in the display sizes. The new models are:

  • Samsung Galaxy S23: 6.1 inches
  • Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus: 6.6 inches
  • Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: 6.8 inch including S Pen

But not only the size of the screens is different. While there are not too many technical differences between the basic model S23 and the S23 Plus, this is what it offers in particular S23 Ultra the biggest innovations – especially in camera area.

All S23 models are available in 4 colors: black, lavender, creamy white and olive green. Here you can see all color variants:


The most important innovations of the S23 models

To the most important innovationswhich affect all three smartphones, this belongs new, stronger glass on the front and back. According to Samsung, Gorilla Glass Victus 2 is installed for the first time fewer everyday scratches should take care of.

In addition, all variants of the S23 receive one brand new processor. It is the “Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy”, which according to the manufacturer is around a third faster should be than the CPU of the S22 predecessor.

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The S23 Ultra gets the best camera: While the S23 and the S23 Plus don’t do much in the camera area (both get a new 12 MP front camera and stay at 50 MP on the back), the S23 gets one new main camera with an impressive 200 megapixels.

When taking photos with the Ultra camera, you can decide whether photos are saved in 200 MP, 50 MP or 12 MP. If you select 50 MP or 12 MP here, “Pixel binning” operated, which combines pixels and thus improved the quality of the photosespecially in low light conditions.


The displays don’t change much: Compared to the previous models, some aspects of the display technology remain the same, but that’s not a bad thing. All models offer modern and above all bright OLED screens with variable screen rates.

Prices and release of the new S23 devices

This is what the new top devices cost: The price of the S23 series is also changing. the Devices are getting more expensive, than their predecessors. For example, the Galaxy S22 cost at release, in the Basic variant, 849 euros.

You can see all the prices here:

  • Galaxy S23
    • 8GB (RAM) with 128 GB storage space: 949 euros
    • 8GB (RAM) with 256 GB storage space: 1,009 euros
  • Galaxy S23 Plus
    • 8GB (RAM) with 256 GB storage space: 1,199 euros
    • 8GB (RAM) with 512 GB storage space: 1,319 euros
  • Galaxy S23 Ultra
    • 8GB (RAM) with 256 GB storage space: 1,399 euros
    • 12GB (RAM) with 512 GB storage space: 1,579 euros
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Release of the S23 series: All variants of the Galaxy S23 series can now be pre-ordered from all major retailers.

The new models will officially appear on February 17th, 2023 and offer a bonus for pre-order. Anyone who strikes before the release gets it twice the storage space at no extra charge.