Wild Hearts developer promises over 20 huge monsters at launch, wants to do without microtransactions

Wild Hearts developer promises over 20 huge monsters at launch, wants to do without microtransactions

On February 17, 2022, the new hunting game Wild Hearts will be released for PC, Xbox and PS5. On reddit, the game’s Executive Producer answered some questions from users. Among other things, it was about the monsters, animals and monetization in the game.

What kind of game will Wild Hearts be? The player finds himself in the world of “Azuma”, which is styled after feudal Japan. The gameplay revolves around the hunt for massive monsters called “Kemono”. You have the ability to summon “Karakuri”, helpful buildings, and integrate them tactically into your gameplay.

The game is reminiscent of Monster Hunter in terms of gameplay, but adds a new spin to the hunting theme with the building elements.

Here’s an interview with the developers of Wild Hearts, including how the new game differs from Monster Hunter.

Here you can see a gameplay trailer of Wild Hearts:

Wild Hearts – Gameplay Trailer

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“Quality not quantity”

On February 1st, 2023 there was an “Ask Me Anything”, AMA for short on redditduring which Lewis Harvey, the Executive Producer of the upcoming hunting game Wild Hearts, answered some of the users’ questions.

Wild Hearts will have more than 20 giant monsters in the game at launch, but more Kemono will be added later. This is because it is a new IP and you want to focus on “quality instead of quantity”. Harvey continues, “We haven’t revealed everyone yet as we plan to keep some as surprises, but we’re excited to see player reactions to our full Kemono collection […].”

Here’s the reddit post, Dev Team AMA from Wild Hearts:

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The answer to the question of whether the player would also be able to catch the monsters is answered in the negative. The concept would not fit into the story of the game. However, there is a bright spot for animal lovers: you will find small animals in the world of Azuma that you can catch and keep as pets. In addition, they will even provide you with certain bonuses.

You can also pet a rabbit in Wild Hearts. However, the developer advises against cuddling with the ice dogs.

Another big aspect that was clarified as part of the AMA is the question of monetization of the game, or whether there will be microtransactions in Wild Hearts. To which the Executive Producer replies, “All post-launch content will be free, including new Kemono and more! We have no plans to introduce MTX.”

MeinMMO was able to play the game at an event and sees great potential in the new co-op title.

Will the game have a multiplayer mode? Wild Hearts features co-op options. So you can throw yourself into the fight against the Kemono together with up to two other people.

Wild Hearts will be released on February 17, 2023 and will be launched for the PC, Xbox Series X/S and PS5 platforms.

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