Luigi’s Mansion – P.1 – User Article

Luigi's Mansion - P.1 - User Article


It sounds too good to be true: Luigi wins a villa! Unfortunately, it’s haunted here. And the ghosts have kidnapped Mario! So Luigi sets out to teach the ghosts to fear!

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Originally shown as a tech demo, has been discontinued Luigi’s Mansion made a real game that was even one of the launch titles for the GameCube. Thanks to the plot and gameplay, Luigi’s Mansion is one of the more bizarre games: As Luigi, we go on a ghost hunt with a converted vacuum cleaner. It’s not just about performing a phantasmagorical spring cleaning, but also about rescuing Luigi’s brother Mario. After rescuing Princess Peach enough times, it’s now himself who’s in trouble. We receive support from Professor Immanuel Gidd (I. Gidd, haha), who not only supports us with his invention Schreckweg 08/16, but also with his knowledge. So we go on a ghost hunt *shudder*.

witching hour

At the beginning most rooms are locked. Only gradually do we receive keys and thus access to new rooms and areas. Different spirits keep getting in our way – well, I mean different ones. Of course they are different, after all they are ghosts. Anyway, continue in the text. The common ones keep trying to scare us, but they’re relatively easy to catch once you’re reasonably familiar with the not-too-complicated controls. Much more demanding are those ghosts that we initially freed through a mishap and now represent bosses who have to be recaptured.

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Some ghosts are invisible but have a mirror image. Anyway that works.

In order to be able to suck in ghosts, we first have to blind them with our flashlight. If they get close enough, they startle and are momentarily vulnerable to the 08/16 startle path. If we catch them with our flashlight beam too soon, they simply vanish into thin air, only to start another attempt to harm us a few moments later. Touch is dangerous for us: some spirits grab us and hold us until we shake them off. Others spread banana peels on the floor, on which we better not slip, some throw objects at us.

We are gradually expanding the functions of our ghost vacuum cleaner. By sucking in small fire, water or ice beings, we can use them against the ghosts. However, only the use of the right element helps against some ghosts. At one point, water spirits have to be deep-frozen before we can catch them. However, there is one type of ghost that shouldn’t be sucked in: bomb ghosts that explode after a short time. In the worst case, in our vacuum cleaner bag, if we accidentally (or out of curiosity or ignorance) sucked them up. Which can easily happen, since we keep encountering ghosts of normal mice and their winged relatives, which we should suck up as well, since touching them can be dangerous here too.

We can refill our HP with hearts, which are occasionally dropped by ghosts or ejected from objects when we “dust” them off. We can also collect gold and other valuables that bring us points. And before we open a door, let’s make sure it’s a real door…

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With the vacuum cleaner we can set ghosts on fire. No, wait, that’s Toad on the pot (that’s what happens when you block the toilet for too long).

Where is Mario?

Gradually we find clues to the whereabouts of the famous plumber. We can find a total of five items in the house, including his hat. We then have to bring this to Madame le Caro, a medium who must have switched to the other world some time ago. She gives us tips and helps us to find Mario. She is also later the only boss who is willingly sucked in.

The inventory that we have with our GameBoy Horror can call. This also serves as an overview map, through which we can see which rooms we have already cleaned and which are still locked. If we find a new key, we are immediately shown which lock it fits to. In addition, with the GameBoy Horror we can make things visible that are actually invisible, such as some ghosts, but also magical drafts that can take us to other, actually inaccessible areas of the house.

The game is divided into several areas in which we have to clear certain rooms and defeat bosses. It is not uncommon for puzzles to be solved for this. It also happens that a secured room is suddenly haunted by a ghost again. And at one point a lightning strike makes it dark – we have to go down to the basement and start a generator. As if they had only been waiting for it, the ghosts rush at us in droves.

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The captured ghosts are banished back to their paintings by the professor.