Playstation VR 2: Can you also use the VR glasses for PS5 as a glasses wearer?

Playstation VR 2: Can you also use the VR glasses for PS5 as a glasses wearer?

Appears in a few days Playstation VR 2 for Playstation 5. For those who have unanswered questions, Sony itself has answered frequently asked questions in a FAQ about PSVR 2. Sony also made it clear that the rumors about a flop of VR glasses for PS5 are nonsense. But we didn’t splash out either and are currently providing you with all sorts of information and articles about Playstation VR 2. Among other things, we have a detailed unboxing the glasses, well, unpacked and looked at what is included in the scope of delivery. Ours is also very interesting Technique comparison between PSVR 1 and PSVR 2. You are also very welcome to read ours Review of Horizon: Call of the Mountainthe first and also PlayStation VR 2 exclusive blockbuster game for Sony’s new VR glasses, which is a VR spin-off of the popular Horizon action role-playing games Horizon: Zero Dawn and Horizon: Forbidden West acts.

Can you use PSVR 2 as a glasses wearer?

A question relevant to a group of potential PSVR 2 buyers is of course: Can I also use this thing if I wear glasses? Although you can put on almost any VR glasses as a glasses wearer, the comfort varies considerably. But we can give the all-clear: In PSVR 2, the author of these lines has no problems wearing glasses.

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First of all, this is because the different adjustment options of PSVR 2 really offer a lot of possibilities to adapt the VR glasses perfectly to your own well-being. The bracket at the back can be pulled back far and, more importantly, the actual “goggle part” at the front of the device also has a rail that makes it easy to put on.

The only difference to VR gamers without glasses: Normally, they pull the glasses over their heads from above, as glasses wearers they tend to be locked in place from below or from the front. After that, PSVR 2 sits like one, doesn’t press on the brackets of the visual aid and, thanks to enough leeway, you don’t rattle your glasses against the screens uncomfortably.

If I wear glasses in PSVR2, do I have to wear my glasses to see clearly?

Unlike Meta Quest 2, for example, Playstation VR 2 has a wheel with which the Changed screen spacing and thus sharpness can be increased. According to our subjective feeling, a position can actually be found in which you can compensate for this to a certain extent with a small amount of defective vision.

But what is also clear: PSVR 2 is not a visual aid. If you want to see clearly, you can’t avoid glasses under your glasses. And the author of these lines, due to his short-sightedness of just under 4.5 dioptres in one eye and around 3.5 in the other, literally cannot see any country without his glasses anyway.