PCG Podcast 24: Resi 4, Dead Island 2 & The Last of Us Finale

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In episode number 24 of our PC Games Podcast we take you into three completely different variations of a post-apocalyptic world – one dark, one depressing and one rough. Or to put it more clearly: once so brutal that it raises concerns about the German version – more on that in a moment. To kick things off, we have a review talk about the long-awaited Resident Evil 4 remake (our big test), a hot topic that, by the way, was responsible for this week’s postponement – we just didn’t want to miss out on it. Our two editors and experts Stefan Wilhelm and Maik Koch chat extensively about the horror classic published by Capcom in a modern guise. We hope the longer wait was worth it for you.

Let’s continue with Dead Island 2, which was announced nine (!) years ago and after several failed development teams (Yager, Sumo Digital) finally seems to be in the right hands. PCG veteran Felix Schütz and our co-moderator Maci give a deep insight into the extremely brutal zombie shredding in the middle of Los Angeles, Felix was allowed to play for several hours and get a colorful picture. There were quite a few surprises! Felix also explains what the release in Germany and the desired FSK 18 seal look like. Will Dead Island 2 be released? And if so, how will the German version be edited? Do you really need to worry?!