Forspoken: New patch 1.11 fixes crash issue from previous update

Clear cut at Square Enix: Forspoken developers dissolved, Babylon's Fall no longer playable

from Norman Wittkopf
The highly acclaimed and moderately received action-adventure Forspoken has received another patch for PC and PS5. This fixes a problem that crept in recently and unspecified minor things.

Forspoken only received a new patch for improvement with version 1.10 on March 10th, but this apparently caused a new problem: The official Twitter channel recently reported communicatedthat they are aware of a bug caused by the last update where the game crashes in certain scenes or during certain actions.

With the recently released patch 1.11, this in-game crashing issue has now been resolved according to the release notes on Steam Fixed. In addition, there should be various small corrections with the update, but they are not explained in more detail. Meanwhile, the update download should be distributed as usual on Steam, the Epic Games Store, the Microsoft Store and PS5.

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Forspoken still with errors

According to a report by no performance improvements or additional optimizations are currently to be expected with Patch 1.11. Although the development studio Luminous Production had improved the graphics and the overall performance of the game with the last patch, the ray tracing effects of the game are still not convincing.

It is therefore recommended to disable them for the time being, especially Ray-Traced Ambient Occlusion (RTAO), which is still defective. In view of the forthcoming dissolution of the responsible developer studio at Square Enix on May 1, it remains to be seen how much improvement there will be at Forspoken

The PC port was sometimes from the technical side seen as “deeply disappointing” and the release on Steam in January also failed. In addition, patches for the game have disappointed the community in the past. The story of the ambitious next-gen title in the game should actually look very different at first.

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