LoL: The top team in Europe gambled away badly on the transfer market – sold the stars

In League of Legends, Mihael “Kikyx” Mehle is the most successful supporter in recent years. The Slovenian was 4 times champion with G2 Esports and was in a World Cup final. But he won’t find a suitable team for 2022, and his purchase price has already been reduced significantly. The 23-year-old probably doesn’t find the teams that want him attractive. This is the low point of a bad transfer season for the LoL team G2 Esports.

Who is this?

  • Mikyx joined G2 Esports in November 2018 and has been the team’s regular supporter for the 3 years since. He won the LEC championship 4 times in 2019 and 2020. In 2019 he was even in the finals of the Worlds with G2 Esports.
  • But in 2021 the break came at G2 Esports. The team sold its leader Perkz, no longer played a major role in the league and failed to qualify for the World Cup. The boss of the team announced a major change: 3 players should go, including Mikyx.
  • Originally, Mikyx was supposed to be sold for 1.5 million euros. But the team has apparently gambled away.

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Price drops from 1.5 million euros to $ 250,000 – still not a buyer

This is now the discussion about Mikyx: He reported on Twitter and said: He won’t find a team for spring 2022, but will now stream more often.

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How was the process? Clarification was brought in by his boss at G2 Esports, Carlos “Ocelote” Rodriguez:

  • He said that Mikyx had originally been set at 1.5 million euros as the transfer price
  • In early November the price was lowered to $ 500,000
  • In mid-November they lowered the price for $ 250,000

5 teams from the west would have reported – including teams from Europe. But Mikyx had shown no interest in negotiating with them.

Therefore one could not find any buyers. It is now hoped that Mikyx can be referred to a new club in the summer of 2022.

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What’s the reaction Mikyx says he wasn’t told that he had 5 offers. It looks a little kinked. But Ocelote says an agent was told.

Ocelote’s statements are hotly commented on on Twitter:

  • Some say they love the openness of Ocelote – that’s how every team should act
  • Others say the Spanish CEO cannot be taken seriously. He acts like the “Football Manager”
Star player Rekkles moves to the 2nd division in France.

G2 Esports replaces 3 star players with unknown players, ruins market value

What’s going on at G2 Esports? Ocelote apparently made a tactical mistake when he said after the lousy year 2021 that they were planning a renovation. A leak quickly came that G2 Esports no longer wanted to use and sell 3 of their highly decorated star players.

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Apparently they thought they were such super stars that top offers would surely come in, but by announcing that they were going to make a break and give up these players, they apparently ruined the market value.

Because it was clear that the players would no longer play for G2 in 2022. And why should you spend a lot of money on a player who has been found “too bad” for their current team?

It is now known that G2 will replace two of its “star players” with largely unknown LoL players. The German player Broken Blade, who was last under contract with the bottom of the table, Schalke 04, is brought in for the top lane.

The results of this transfer policy are disastrous:

After selling Perkz for a lot of money in the USA in 2021, the sales were now quite a letdown.

In any case, the situation in LoL’s transfer market seems absurd, because some of the best players in the West cannot find a team for 2022:

Some of the best LoL professionals in the West won’t find a job in 2022 – Because the teams are too greedy