MontanaBlack Gives Relationship Advice On Twitch Stream: “Women’s Games That Destroy Us Men”

MontanaBlack Gives Relationship Advice On Twitch Stream: "Women's Games That Destroy Us Men"

In a past Twitch stream, Marcel “MontanaBlack” Eris spoke about his last relationship, what came next and gave his viewers valuable love tips.

After MontanaBlack’s last relationship ended and he immediately received shady offers, he shared with his viewers what he learned from it:

When a woman loves you, really loves you, with all her heart, then, brother, the world may end tomorrow, she’s still by your side.

Montana Black (via Twitter)

The streamer also emphasized that he can only understand if the woman breaks up because the man was in some way unfaithful or violent. According to MontanaBlack, there is no other reason for ending a relationship. True love endures everything and you go through thick and thin.

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According to MontanaBlack, the only remedy for lovesickness is cold turkey

How did the conversation about love come about? A viewer asked MontanaBlack what he could do as his girlfriend left him after 3.5 years of dating, saying she didn’t want to lose him but couldn’t be in a relationship right now.

The streamer then said: “Space bro, space. It’s those girl games that destroy us men (…) put her aside, get rid of it immediately.” MontanaBlack went on to say that he was also heartbroken after his relationship with his girlfriend ended. He can understand how difficult it is.

The segment starts at 01:07:37 and you can watch it on Twitch here:

Eris became more and more energetic and loud during his speech:

Love means always being there for you. And when your old lady says to you after 3.5 years: “I want to separate, but I don’t want to lose you, but right now I can’t be in a relationship.” (…) Mourning 2-3 months and then gone with the one that is not the right one, brother.


He then compared love to drugs: “From a medical point of view – it sounds stupid now – like a drug.” If you take someone to a psychiatric ward, you can’t treat them properly because they seem like they’re under the influence of drugs.

According to MontanaBlack, these love drugs distort perceptions and told his viewer that he “really needs to go cold turkey now” that he also had to do after his girlfriend broke up. “I disappeared into the hole,” he said, making it clear that his stream break was related to the breakup.

In closing, MontanaBlack reiterated that of course these rules apply to men too, not just women, saying, “If you love a person, you’re always there for that person.”

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