Xbox Series X: Why you should check the back of the console from time to time

Take a look at the back of your Series X.

Take a look at the back of your Series X.

Raise your hand, please: Which one of you hasn’t seen the back of your Xbox Series X since you first installed it? If, like me, you’re one of the culprits, you should turn your fancy black console around soon. Not because it’s so attractive from behind, but because you might encounter an unpleasant surprise here that could endanger the device.

Dust can be a console killer

Who wants to clean when you have a console at home and can gamble instead? However, that is the crux of the matter, because house dust can become a suffocation trap, especially for electronic devices. Of course, this applies to all platforms, but the Xbox Series X seems to be a special dust magnet – and without the infamous piano finish.

This is shown by a Reddit post by Tea-Mental, which shows a Series X with completely dusty fans and connections:

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How does your Series X look from behind? As soon as I saw the picture, I too rushed to my Xbox monolith to check things out. And indeed: A lot of dust has accumulated in the fans both at the top and at the back. Not nearly as bad as in the picture, but clearly visible. It’s also noticeable that my other consoles, including the PS5, seem to attract significantly less dust.

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In the video you can find more about Microsoft’s new hardware:

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What helps best against dirty consoles?

Users discuss measures: Under the Reddit post, users share their best cleaning tips. Basically, the following applies: A game console needs to be looked after – i.e. the device itself as well as the controller and other peripherals such as headsets etc. should be cleaned at least once a week. Of course, it helps if the apartment, or at least the room in which the console is located, is regularly cleaned of dust. If all else fails, there are still air purifiers that some swear by in the comments.

Of course, not every home is the same, and there are a number of factors that negatively impact air quality. Above all, users with pets and smokers without a balcony confirm in the comments that their devices quickly become dirty.

You can read here how to properly clean the Xbox Series X:

Microsoft tells you how to do it: You want professional help? Microsoft has its own Cleaning tips page set up for the Xbox. Rubbing alcohol (70 percent) and damp cleaning cloths are recommended here. Obviously, you shouldn’t use the latter for the console itself or an elite controller. And very important: Disconnect all devices from the power supply before cleaning.

Is your Xbox Series X already dusty? Or did you have the problem with another console?