Pokémon GO: Research breakthrough in May 2022 is known – all information

Pokémon GO Alola Slime Slimok Shiny

It is now clear in Pokémon GO that Alolan Slime is the Research Breakthrough for May 2022. We show you all information about the period, Shinys and strength.

What is a research breakthrough? When you complete a field research in Pokémon GO, you will receive a maximum of one stamp per day. When you reach seven stamps, you have a research breakthrough. For this you will be rewarded with extra experience points, stardust and an encounter with a selected Pokémon.

The Pokémon encounter changes every month. In May you will meet Alolan Slime.

Breakthrough with Alolan Slime in May – Period, Shinys

How long is the breakthrough? You will receive Alolan Goo as a research breakthrough on May 1st at 10:00 p.m. (wait a few minutes after 10 p.m. to be sure). It will then remain the reward for a month and disappear again on June 1st at 22:00. This is followed by the next Pokémon, which is currently unknown. The research breakthrough until May 1st is Alolan Knogga.

Can it be shiny? Yes, you can also get a shiny Alolan slime as part of the reward. In the graphic below we show you how it differs from its normal form:

Alola Slima and Alola Slimok in Normal (left) and Shiny (right) form

how strong is it Alolan Goo itself isn’t particularly strong. His advancement Slimok, on the other hand, is significantly better.

  • As a PvE attacker in raids, Alolan Slimok only plays in the lower midfield with its Dark and Poison types.
  • In PvP at Superleague, Alolan Muk makes it to upper midfield. While there are better attackers in the meta, with its only weakness to ground, Alolan Slimok is a solid pick.
  • In Hyper League PvP, Alolan Goo almost makes the best attacker. You have a really good chance against Giratina and Cresselia with the Pokémon.
  • For the Master League in PvP, however, Alolan Slimok is not recommended at all.
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How do you like the breakthrough in May? Do you like that Niantic is bringing the various Alolan Pokémon as breakthroughs to the Alola season, or do you still wish you could go back to the good times when legendary Pokémon were breakthroughs?

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