Aka: Indie game between Zelda & Animal Crossing

Aka (Simulation) von Neowiz

Strolling through a green land from an isometric perspective, feeling like Link while building a cottage and cultivating farmland – the new indie game Aka could be a wellness dream.

Already watched the trailer? Do that (below), because Aka could be a little gem. According to the info text, the story background is like this: “The war is over, an old friend invites you to his island so that you can lead a peaceful life there”. Yes, and then this anthropomorphic red panda blob roams through the beautifully drawn Shire. And yes: he can take a nap on a giant capybara. Who does not want that?!

But there is also specific playful content:

  • Gardening: you can grow plants, from flowers to vegetables. The cultivation system is inspired by permaculture, and wildlife also plays a role
  • Construction & Crafting: you can craft housing, tools or clothes, it can be good for quests or just to look pretty
  • Relaxation: yes, you can just chill, eg in hot springs with monkeys, watch the clouds or just take a nap on a giant capybara
  • Quests: Aka has a small, open game world, so it’s not a linear game, you can choose to help NPCs – or not
  • Mini-games: there are also little games and disciplines in the world, from labyrinths to sleigh rides


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