CoD Warzone: TTK table – All 34 assault rifles in damage comparison in Season 3 / 2022

CoD Warzone: TTK table – All 34 assault rifles in damage comparison in Season 3 / 2022

Damage and gameplay are the most important factors in Call of Duty: Warzone when choosing the right assault rifle. At least we can help you quickly with the damage – MeinMMO shows you the current time-to-kill values ​​of all assault rifles in a clear table.

It’s not all about damage in the free-to-play battle royale Call of Duty: Warzone. “Recoil is king” – that’s why you should always look at other factors besides the bare time-to-kill.

That doesn’t mean that time-to-kill (TTK) isn’t important. That’s why we have summarized all TTK values ​​of the 34 assault rifles in a clear table on MeinMMO. The values ​​apply to the normal Battle Royale with 300 life points:

CoD Warzone: TTK Table – Assault Rifles / Season 3

Warzone: TTK Chart – Data Foundation

What is this data? The data comes from the Warzone tool “Sym” (via Unlike the well-known “TrueGameData” tool, for example, “Sym” uses values ​​from the game files instead of manually entering data based on tests.

In the table you will find the best TTK values ​​for chest hits. In Warzone it makes a difference which area of ​​the body you hit. A distinction is usually made between 6 hit zones:

  • Head – Highest damage
  • Neck – High damage
  • Chest – Good damage
  • Belly – Average damage
  • Upper Limbs – Decreased damage
  • Lower Limbs – Worst damage
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However, these classifications do not always apply. The countless weapons in Warzone often come with small special features and different damage distributions in the hit zones are not uncommon.

When creating the table, we chose the attachments that provide the best time-to-kill for the weapons – without taking playability into account.

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Warzone: TTK Chart – What is Time to Kill?

What does time to kill mean? The Time-to-Kill (TTK for short) is a common value that shows how quickly you can get an opponent down. In Warzone, the value is usually given in milliseconds.

In order to keep the TTK comparison simple and understandable, things like the flight time of the projectiles are often hidden in the calculation – this is also the case in our table.

The values ​​in the table are calculated from the maximum health and damage per bullet when hit in the chest. From this you get the amount of bullets for a kill, which is then calculated with the rate of fire.

Which assault rifles are currently strong? Especially if you are looking for an assault rifle for range kills, the time-to-kill only plays a minor role.

The best TTK therefore does not necessarily show the best assault rifle.

If you are looking for a selection of currently strong assault rifles, then have a look here: CoD Warzone: The best weapons with setups – constantly updated