In Pokémon GO you can now give away tickets to friends, the trainer shows a problem

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You can now give away tickets for Community Days or the GO Fest to other trainers in Pokémon GO. The new option makes this possible. However, coaches realize that there is a problem if the gifted coach already has a ticket.

How do you give away tickets? On May 17th, Niantic announced that the new gift option is active in Pokémon GO. You can buy event tickets like the May Community Day Special Research and send them to friends. The prerequisite is that you are at least “super friends”. Further tickets, such as for the GO Fest 2022, will soon be available for free.

Trainers are already trying out the new feature and explain that the system still has problems.

Coaches warn against this case

That happened: On reddit, trainer Benthefighter shows a screenshot of his gift attempt. He writes, “If you’re buying a ticket for someone who already has it, you still have to pay (no warning until paid).”

The error message states that the gift could not be sent. “It appears that the intended recipient received this item before your purchase could be completed.”

For a refund, the trainer should contact the App Store.

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How to gift a ticket? This works very simply. First you open the Pokémon GO in-game shop, where you usually buy your tickets. Now tap on the event for which you want to give away a ticket. The €1 research for May’s Community Day is an option.

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Below the buy button you will also find a button called “Gift”. Tap on this and then select the friend you want to give the ticket to from your friends list.

You then confirm the purchase and follow the on-screen instructions. For the gifting to work, you must be at least super friends. Niantic also writes that the friend may not yet own the ticket. Likewise, the friend must not have received the ticket as a gift from another coach.

What is the problem? The community would like more clarity on the gift feature. We at MeinMMO have tried this and found:

If you want to buy a ticket for a friend who already has a ticket, you will be informed in-game and cannot buy a ticket for that friend.

In the case of the trainer Benthefighter on reddit, his gift recipient must have bought his ticket at about the same time as it was gifted to him. Therefore, an amount has already been deducted from the donor without the gift process being successful.

So this seems to be a very specific problem.

If the gifted trainer already has the ticket before you start your gifting process, you cannot gift another ticket to the recipient.

Have you tried the Pokemon GO gifts feature and will you use it in the future? Or do you find this superfluous and will not use the feature? Write us your experiences and opinions on the topic here on MeinMMO in the comments and exchange ideas with other trainers on the topic.

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