Finally a new sign of life from Beyond Good and Evil 2

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Anyone remember Beyond Good and Evil 2? The successor to the action-adventure from 2003, which so far only has a single trailer from 2018, and has probably been in the planning stage at Ubisoft for over ten years? It’s been pretty quiet around the title since then, and publisher and developer Ubisoft hasn’t revealed much about the upcoming game. The pirate game Skull and Bones also faced a similar fate, but before gamers decide collectively to dismiss the announcements of these games as pure feverish dreams, Ubisoft reminds its players of the existence of the titles.

Good news: Beyond Good and Evil 2 actually exists!

Recently we received a new sign of life from Skull and Bones, and now fans of Beyond Good and Evil can breathe a sigh of relief: the game may still be a long way off, but the development work is at least still progressing, as per a new job posting from Ubisoft Barcelona emerges. The studio is currently seeking a “Senior Gameplay Animator” to join the team working on Beyond Good and Evil 2, “one of Ubisoft’s most ambitious projects to date.”

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The announcement currently only includes a Twitter post. So fans of the game shouldn’t get their hopes up too high that Ubisoft will show some gameplay for the title any time soon. A film version of Beyond Good and Evil is also currently in the works and will be released for the Netflix streaming service. It cannot be ruled out that the first scenes from the new game will not be shown until after the film has been released.