MediaMarkt offers a strong upgrade for Xbox and PlayStation at the best price: 65″ OLED from LG with a 56% discount

Oled tv ps5 xbox sale

You can now secure a good 65″ OLED TV from LG at the best price at MediaMarkt. The TV is suitable for PS5 and Xbox.

If its about picture quality goes is the OLED-Technology currently unmatched. Unfortunately, such televisions are currently still relatively expensive. At MediaMarkt you can get a good entry-level device from LG 65 inches Screen diagonal to best price to back up.

Directly to the offer at MediaMarkt

65″ OLED TV at the best price

The one offered OLED TV comes from the A1 series of LG. These are the manufacturer’s entry-level models. The A1 models can keep up very well with other OLEDs in terms of image quality and ensure absolutely breathtaking contrasts, even when playing with them PS5 or Xbox.

In comparison to the more expensive series, however, the models have to be opened HDMI2.1 do without and have a refresh rate of “only” 60Hz. So if you want to play your games with more than 60 FPS, you have to dig a lot deeper into your pocket. Since many games in the graphics mode but if you’re still locked into 30 or 60 FPS, you’re often not missing anything.

the RRP of the 65-inch model is proud 2499 euros. at MediaMarkt you can currently get the OLED television for cheap 1099€! These are full 56% discount and a quick look at the price comparison shows that this is also the current best price acts!

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Screen diagonal (cm/inch) 164cm / 65in
screen resolution 3,840 x 2,160 pixels
Native refresh rate 60Hz
image enhancement system Cinema HDR with Dolby Vision IQ, HDR10 Pro and HLG, AI Picture with Auto Genre Selection (Dolby HDR), Face Enhancing, Text Upscaling, AI Brightness Control, Image Enhancing with Dual Step Noise Reduction, Sharpness Enhancer, Advanced Color Enhancer, True Color Accuracy, HDR Dynamic Tone Mapping, 4K Upscaler with AI support, Ambient Light Sensor (Illuminance Green)
aspect ratio 16:9
High Dynamic Range (HDR) Cinema HDR (Dolby Vision IQ, HDR10 Pro and HLG)

Advantages and disadvantages

The big advantage of OLED televisions is of course the otherwise unmatched picture quality. OLED is a special technology that is special strong contrasts, brilliant colors and deep, real black offers. No other technology can currently keep up with it.

The only shortcoming at the moment is the relative low brightness the displays. The quality is best in dark rooms direct sunlight but problems can arise. Here you simply have to look at how your living room is set up and at what times you normally use your television.

The A1 series also has the familiar side watched. You get the following result:

The LG A1 OLED is an excellent TV for pretty much any purpose. Deep blacks make it an excellent choice for watching movies in the dark. The low input lag and near-instantaneous response time make for a fantastic experience when playing games in SDR or HDR. It’s also great for watching sports or TV shows thanks to its wide viewing angles and excellent reflectivity, but it can’t get very bright, so it’s not ideal for a bright environment.

Secure the LG OLED A1 with 65 inches for only €1099 now

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