Voodoo Detective: New Comic Adventure Out Today – News

Voodoo Detective: New Comic Adventure Out Today - News

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Originally, May 3rd was the intended release date, after a three-week postponement, the time has finally come: The new point-and-click adventure Voodoo Detective appears on the distribution platforms Steam, Epic Games Store, Mac App Store and Google play store.

Since the “Mega Sale” is currently still active in the Epic Games Store, you can still get a discount of 25% on the regular price of 11.99 euros there if you compare your shopping cart value to at least 14.99 euros with other games elevated. On the other platforms, the selling price varies between 12 and 15 euros.

The indie developer Short Sleeve Studio has only published his hand-drawn comic adventure in English, but has provided for a professional dubbing. You can convince yourself of this in advance with the launch trailer linked below.


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