Pokémon: New Ditto card makes collectors despair – withdraw or not?

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Ditto has always made life difficult for collectors. But this new and peelable Pokémon card tops it all off.

Hamburg – Ditto is without question one of the most interesting Pokemon to catch out there. Either you love the pink pile of slime with a friendly face or you hate it. To commemorate the happy shape-shifter in the Pokémon trading card game, something very special has now been devised: a card that disguises itself as a boring Bidiza, but the front of which can be peeled off to reveal Ditto. This is indicated by a small Ditto icon in the bottom left of affected Bidiza cards. A fantastic idea, but one that now poses an existential question for collectors.

Surname Pokémon trading card game
First publication 1996
minimum age 10
series Pokemon
editor Nintendo, Wizards of the Coast, Hasbro
genre trading card game

Pokémon: collectors despair of new Ditto card

What problem do Pokémon collectors have with the peelable Ditto card? Above all, collectors want one thing: to keep the object of their desire in perfect original condition. In the case of the Ditto card, this would mean that the little pink colleague would never come to light and eke out its existence as a disguised Bidiza. However, collectors are currently concerned that this might not be a good idea either. The problem is the glue used for Ditto’s decal card. Serious Pokémon card collectors worry that the glue used could warp the Ditto card over time, destroying it.

So should the Bidiza camouflage be removed or not? Collectors disagree. The perfect solution for the removable Ditto card does not seem to have been found yet. But if you manage to make your Ditto fit for the future, you could make a decent profit from it.

Pokemon: Peelable Ditto card is driving collectors crazy

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Although the card as Bidiza is not eligible for official tournaments, as a specialty in the world of Pokémon cards, Ditto could become a trophy in any good collection. Just last year, a shiny Charizard went into the hands of Logan Paul for an insane price of $150,000. Such a fate could certainly befall a well-preserved Ditto card, should resourceful collectors come up with a solution to the glue problem.

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