Warzone: Underground Transit System Explained – All locations on the map

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Warzone is getting a new fast travel feature. The underground transit system is introduced on Caldera. We explain to you how it works.

Santa Monica, California – The innovations in Warzone are endless. After Operation Monarch, the first major event in Activision’s Battle Royale, Season 3 Reloaded is now coming up. The Mid-Season Update brings a new feature to the game. Warzone gets the so-called underground transit system that players can use to fast travel across the map. We explain how the system works.

name of the game Call of Duty Warzone
Release (date of first publication) March 20, 2020
Publishers Activision
series Call of Duty
developer Raven software
platform PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC
genre First person shooter, battle royale

Warzone: Underground Transit system explained – this is how the new fast transport works

What is the underground transit system? In Warzone’s Season 3 Reloaded, Caldera is getting a new gameplay mechanic. In addition to the new H4 Blixen that you can unlock in Warzone, there are other changes. After fans felt cheated by Operation Monarch in Warzone Season 3, the Battle Royale should now convince with new features. The underground transit system is used for fast travel across the map and is reminiscent of the red doors in Verdansk.

How does the underground transit system work? The new fast travel on Caldera is quickly explained. It is a system of carts that drive through the subsurface of Caldera. To use them, you have to go through hatches in the ground or in bunkers. There you will find the carts after you have interacted with the red circles in which they appear. Unlike the red doors in Verdansk, Warzone’s underground transit system always takes you to designated locations.

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When you interact with the carts, you will already be shown where they will take you. Alternatively, you can also open the map to see where the journey is going. After a few seconds of travel time using the underground transit system, you’ll instantly spawn at your destination in Warzone.

Warzone: Underground Transit System Explained – All Fast Transport Locations

Here you can find all locations of the underground transit system: There are 14 stations in total for the underground transit system. These are marked on the map with a silver icon that looks like a bunker door. You should already know seven of the locations as the secret Nebula V bunkers. You can reach the other stations of the underground transit system in Warzone through a hatch in the floor.

Warzone: Underground Transit system explained – this is how fast travel works

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The access points to Warzone’s underground transit system are spread across Caldera to serve every major POI (point of interest). Your travel destination is set in advance. So think carefully about whether you really want to use fast travel.

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