Who said Marvel? Netflix has one of the most violent and original superhero movies in recent years

Netflix's most disturbing movie is a masterclass in cinema with little means and a lot of ingenuity

It is said that there are so many superhero movies that it begins to be difficult to find something original among such an avalanche of clone arguments and stenciled characters. But this is not entirely true: the proof is that as soon as a film knows how to take a step in the correct and divergent direction, the possibilities skyrocket. It is the case of ‘upgrade’ (2018), an extreme action debauchery premiered today on Netflix.

In it we witness a bizarre story of murder, revenge and cyber implants that not only lift a furious Logan Marshall-Green from the bed where he is bedridden, but also give him superhuman speed and strength that allow him to devastate those who ended the life of his wife. In other words, a revenge story in the purest video store style of the eighties, but with some grotesque and ultraviolent action sequences.

All this is illustrated in the film with fights that seem straight out of a 90s comic, pure hyperkinetic exaggeration that they contain. With a humor that bathes everything (the protagonist is not able to control his implants)the result is more like a Jackie Chan movie than a typical superhero show.

The blame for all this chaos lies with Leigh Whannell, James Wan’s collaborator in the creation of franchises such as ‘Saw’ or ‘Insidious’. The third installment of this was her directorial debut, but here she flies free with a film that is unlike anything you’ve seen lately in terms of action. Fewer capes and underpants on the outside and more cyberpsycho implants, please.

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