WoW: “Unfair Player Deaths” in Dungeons – Hotfixes from June 09, 2022

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from Matthias Brueckle
With another batch of hotfixes, the WoW developers want to eliminate a problem that, according to their own statements, has led to “unfair player deaths” in dungeons. We’re talking about sudden melee attacks from opponents.

After we had just received a batch of hotfixes with bug fixes in WoW, the developers are delivering the next adjustments directly. According to the developers, the hotfixes from June 9, 2022 are about eliminating “unfair player deaths” in the Shadowlands dungeons. More specifically, specific incidents where enemies in the instances would suddenly cast an ability on a player in melee range when the enemy’s actual target is out of range. This affects, for example, the killer birds from The Other Side, but also hostile Venthyr in Halls of Atonement and sailors from Tazavesh.