Cool thing: These 5 cool boxes provide refreshment in summer

Cool thing: These 5 cool boxes provide refreshment in summer

Whether at the lake or on a camping holiday in the warm south – a cool box is a must. After all, cold drinks should be available and fresh food such as fruit and meat should be preserved. We show you five models for different requirements.

Small refrigerators for on the go: Cool boxes are an indispensable part of any barbecue party in the park or on a camping holiday. Wherever cool drinks and fresh food need to be available, they are there. Many models are so light that you can easily transport them, even on a bike or by hand. Others are large, electrically powered, and cool enough to replace a chest freezer. Which cooler is right for you depends primarily on how and when you want to use it.

The classic with cold packs: practical for trips

Are you looking for a small and handy cool box that you can easily transport? Then you should a flexible cool bag or grab a light box that comes with cold packs is working. You fill the ice packs with water and put them in the freezer for a few hours. Then they go into the insulated box or bag together with the drinks and food. Everything stays wonderfully cold there for hours.

It’s best to use a model with ice packs if you’re going to a barbecue party in the park or going on a picnic trip that doesn’t last too long. The water in the cool packs thaws over time – if the cool box is in direct sunlight, it only keeps the contents really cold for a few hours.

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Cool box with power connection: perfect for camping

Do you want to keep food fresh or cool drinks during your camping holiday? You don’t need much for this, even on a camping holiday: Cool boxes with 12V connection can be easily connected to the power circuit of your car and then draw on the car battery. Alternatively, you can connect the cool box to the power grid – electricity will be made available to you on campsites.

If, on the other hand, you are driving cross-country, you are dependent on the electrical circuit of your car. To ensure that the battery is not completely drained by the cool box, you should occasionally interrupt the power supply and recharge the car battery when driving.

Cool boxes with 12V connection
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Cool box with loudspeaker: Cool music from the box

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Good music should not be missing at a beach party

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For many, good music should not be missing at a barbecue party or a trip to the countryside. However, smartphone speakers are unsuitable for sound reinforcement due to their small size. A Bluetooth speaker is the better choice, but you have to plan for additional space when transporting it. Alternatively, you can get one Cool box with integrated speaker obtain.

While grilled food and/or drinks can be stored cool inside the cool box, you simply connect your smartphone to the speaker of the cool box via Bluetooth and play your favorite music. This is how you really get every party going.

Cool box with loudspeaker
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Cold from solar energy: ideal on the beach

Modern cool boxes are increasingly based on environmentally friendly technology – after all, not every camper wants to use electricity. And not everyone who needs a cool box for in between has the opportunity to cool down ice packs. This is where GoSun Chill comes in. The cool box works with an electric DC compressor with a lithium-ion battery. It generates cold ambient air inside via a cooling circuit – like in a refrigerator.

The highlight: The battery is a removable power bank that charges itself with solar energy. You plug in a flexible solar panel and the charging process starts. Perfect for anyone who takes the cooler to the beach or lake. According to the manufacturer, once charged, the cool box lasts for 14 hours without a drop in performance. You can set the temperature via a display: the scale ranges from -20 to 20 degrees.

The cool box is self-made: thanks to the DIY instructions, you’ll never have to carry it around again

Do you need a cooler primarily to keep drinks cool while you head to the next park barbecue party? Getting there can be cumbersome, especially when it comes to glass bottles. Not so with Follow me: your cool box follows you wherever you go – you simply connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Now comes the catch: the cool box cannot be bought like this. However, there are instructions on how you can assemble the set of wheels yourself. You need some manual skills and technical understanding. In return, you have a faithful companion who takes care of the towing for you.

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