Lost Ark: Buy gold legally – Here’s how it works and you have to pay attention to it

Exchange Lost Ark Shop currency

Gold is an important currency in Lost Ark. It serves as currency in the auction house or is required for upgrading equipment. If you urgently need gold, you can also buy it legally. MeinMMO reveals how it works. However, you should keep your hands off gold sellers in the chat.

You can get gold for various activities in Lost Ark. You can do special tasks, run dungeons or sell items in the auction house. However, it takes time to farm gold.

If you have more money than time, you might be interested in simply buying gold. This is even possible, completely legally and without a ban in just a few steps.

For this you use the Royal Crystals, which you can buy for real money. We explain to you how this works.

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Buy Gold through Royal Crystals – Price and Purchase

How exactly does the purchase work? First you have to start Lost Ark and buy Royal Crystals there for real money. You can do this in the shop, which you can open with F4:

  • 1,000 Royal Crystals cost 9.99 euros
  • 2,200 crystals are available for 19.99 euros
  • You can get 12,000 crystals for 99.99 euros

You then have two options: you can either enter the currency exchange and swap Royal Crystals directly for gold, or you can buy costumes and sell them to other players for gold in the auction house.

The exchange button is located at the bottom right.

How does the currency exchange exchange work? In the currency exchange exchange you exchange royal crystals for gold – albeit with a detour. Because other players cannot buy Royal Crystals directly, only the Blue Crystals.

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This makes currency exchange confusing:

  • First, there is a minimum number of Royal Crystals that you must use. This is currently 238, but fluctuates constantly.
  • For 238 Royal Crystals I currently get around 975 gold on Central European servers. The number fluctuates slightly depending on the supply and demand for Blue Crystals.
  • 1,000 crystals (10 euros) bring about 3,900 gold and 48 remaining crystals, which you cannot get rid of because at least 238 crystals must always be used.
  • This exchange is possible 10x per day, whereby the amount of crystals used is unlimited. You can theoretically use millions of Royal Crystals in one transaction. However, keep in mind that you can spend a maximum of €400 per day in Lost Ark before Steam will ban you from buying the crystals for 24 hours.

Important: You can adjust the price range of the desired gold according to your ideas. However, the maximum limit is 1,248 gold per 238 crystals. However, it can happen that nobody ever accepts this offer and the crystals remain on offer forever. You will never get the crystals themselves back once they are on sale.

Lost Ark Currency Exchange

How does buying costumes work? This method is a bit more uncertain in terms of success, but can bring you a lot more gold. The idea is to buy tradable items from the shop and then sell them to other players on the marketplace.

Freshly released skins can initially be sold for a lot of gold.

However, make sure that the items are actually tradable. You can see this in the interface immediately. Also, once you put the skins on yourself, they automatically become untradeable. So you have to sell them blindly.

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Sell ​​Lost Ark skins
It can be seen before the purchase whether skins can be traded or not.

Caution: Illegal sources can lead to a ban

Are there alternatives? There are various gold dealers that you can find by searching on Google or as spam in the in-game chat. But you should keep your hands off these. Trading gold for real money is not allowed in Lost Ark.

If you buy gold illegally, you risk permanent bans. But even temporary bans come with hurdles. In this way, the purchased gold will be deducted from you, even if you have already spent it. This can lead to high debts, which you have to reduce first.

Any method other than exchanging Royal Crystals for gold is not legal.