Epic Store: These two free games will be available next week

Epic Games Store: ​Games Gifts 2020 - this is the next free game

It’s already time again. Like every Thursday, the new free games were unveiled in the Epic Games Store today at 5 p.m. After it has always been a “mysterious” game for the last few weeks, those responsible are now revealing the free game for this week and next week. Until today at 5 p.m. you could still catch the bizarre title Maneater, in which you have to assert yourself as a shark and eat people, among other things.

These two free games are coming next week

Epic Games has once again knocked out one, because next week they are giving away right away two full versions. The first of these is Game of Thrones: The Board Game. This is the digital version of a strategic board game. In the video game based on the series of the same name, you have to lead your house to success in order to be appointed ruler of the seven kingdoms after ten rounds. You can either go alone or with us up to five of your friends play and either stab them in the back or forge alliances.