Jörg plays Jagged Alliance: Get rid of 1.13, I’m in the 1st part! – News

Jörg plays Jagged Alliance: Get rid of 1.13, I'm in the 1st part!  - News


In this Jörgspielt, the playing editor-in-chief develops a bold thesis: The first part of MadLab is actually more fun for him than the legendary 2nd part with Super-Duper-Fanmod v1.13!

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One or the other might be familiar, excuse me, now I have to shock those of our readers who now consider this to be “woke” and will therefore let their subscription expire, although then they will no longer be able to read Jörgspielt, but never mind, now I’ve already started, well, it could also the one or others be known that i’m a big one Jagged Alliance 2-am a fan

I tested it back then and played it through twice since. In fact, I was nearly through once months before publication—I remember one Sunday in the fall of 1998 at the pre-test for GameStar wrote, went home to Poing for a short time to elect a certain Schröder (today probably no one wants it anymore), and then back to the office in Munich. Anyway, I’ve played JA2 up and down.

Miraculously complex and lovingly crafted, MadLab Software/SirTech’s work relies on real-time exploration of detailed maps that morph into complex turn-based combat as enemies appear. There’s also a well thought-out management and strategy superstructure, many individual mercenaries who are real characters, and the amazingly complex simulation of modern action point-based firefights with dozens of weapons. There are also a number of “gags” such as built-in websites (1998 style, of course) through to …

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Jörg plays

Published on 02/13/2022: Allow me, my name is Jorgos Brante. This is about my suffering in several incarnations, although I would not describe it as suffering at all. But as a fun fight against fate.

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