Microsoft Flight Simulator: World Update X – United States and US Territories – News

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June 17, 2022 – 9:46 am — Last updated 26 minutes ago

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The free World Update X for the Microsoft Flight Simulator (in the user article) has appeared, giving even more detail to the North American continent. You can watch the trailer right below this news.

You explore the famous canyons and the raw beauty of the Southwest. Wander through the historic architecture of America’s great cities, rendered with even more realism than before. The development team crafted World Update X using the latest high-resolution satellite and aerial imagery. The update also includes brand new 3D scans of cities like San Diego (CA), Albany (NY), Key Largo (FL), Seattle (WA), Olympia (WA) and many more. World Update X: United States and US Territories is available free of charge for Microsoft Flight Simulator since June 15th. To take off with it, you need to update the simulator and download World Update X.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is available on Xbox Series X|S in Xbox Game Pass and on Windows PCs in PC Game Pass and via Steam. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate also lets you play on the device of your choice via Xbox Cloud Gaming.

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