Cold feet in winter? These 6 gadgets will heat you up

Cold feet in winter?  These 6 gadgets will heat you up

“Think about it warmly” – good advice is not enough for cold feet. Home remedies for icy toes abound. But what to do if there is no time for a warming foot bath and a freshly grated ginger tea is against your own taste? Our overview introduces you to six gadgets with a frost protection guarantee.

Cozy: Electric foot warmers

This fluffy foot warmer from Beurer has an output of 100 watts and also offers enough space for people with large feet. The intensity of the heat can be regulated in three stages, the inner lining can be removed and washed at 30 degrees. The integrated automatic switch-off switches the foot warmer off after 90 minutes to prevent overheating. It is available Foot warmer FW 20 in the colors beige and dark blue.

Beurer FW 20
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Mobile: mini radiant heater

El Fuego radiant heater
full screen

Fits under every table: the AY 700 from El Fuego.

Image: © Saturn 2019

Unlike the FW 20 foot warmer, the small halogen radiant heater from El Fuego offers full mobility. Of the AY 700 measures just 32 x 54 x 14 centimeters and weighs only two kilograms. The device can be taken to the office, for example, and placed under the table with the stand. The maximum heat output of the AY 700 is decent at 1,200 watts – this guarantees that icy toes thaw quickly.

El Fuego AY 700
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Comfortable: heated underblanket

Medisana HU 674 heated underblanket
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The heated underblanket ensures warm feet under the duvet.

Image: © Saturn 2019

If you still suffer from cold feet in bed, a heated underblanket like this is for you HU 674 from Medisana a blessing. The mat is placed on the mattress over the sheet and provides cozy warmth under the duvet. The heat output can be regulated, there are four heating levels. If you fall asleep with the underblanket switched on, that’s no problem: after 180 minutes, the heating mat switches itself off to prevent overheating.

Medisana HU 674
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Inconspicuous: infrared heating

El Fuego infrared heater AY 690
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The infrared heater can be mounted unobtrusively on the wall.

Image: © Saturn 2019

It is intended for wall mounting and is much less conspicuous than an electric fireplace El Fuego heating panel. The AY 690 infrared heater measures 59 x 59 x 2 centimeters and weighs 3.3 kilograms. It can be attached under the desk, for example, to warm your feet. The manufacturer specifies the heating output as 360 watts, so the heating panel should be able to heat an 18 square meter room. The AY 690 also has overheating protection to ensure that the device does not get too hot.

El Fuego AY 690
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Cosy: electric fireplace

Bomann EK 6022 CB electric fireplace
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Bomann’s electric fireplace creates a cozy atmosphere – even if the flames are only simulated.

Image: © Saturn 2019

If cold feet are a problem on the coach, especially in the evening, an electric fireplace can help. With a heat output of 2,000 watts, the EK 6022 CB from Bomann ensures cozy warmth and a cozy atmosphere. It should be able to warm up a 40 square meter room, but with its impressive weight of 16 kilograms it has to be attached to the wall. But the effort is worth it: Warming up cold feet in front of a fireplace is probably the best way to get rid of frosty toes. Even if it’s just a fake fireplace.

Sporty: Heated insoles

Thermrup heated soles
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Two batteries supply the electricity for the heating surfaces of the soles.

Image: © Thermrup 2019

Whether doing outdoor sports or working in the freezing cold – the heatable soles from Thermrup ensure warm feet when thick socks are no longer enough. The electricity for the heat is supplied by two batteries that are attached to the leg above the shoe. The manufacturer offers soles for sizes 36 to 47. The heating surface is always 18 centimeters, the soles can be cut individually for intermediate sizes.

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