Overwatch 2: What will happen to your loot boxes and credits from Part 1?

Overwatch 2: What will happen to your loot boxes and credits from Part 1?

from Sarah Petzold
When Overwatch 2 comes out, there will be no more loot boxes. Instead, the game is financed via an in-game shop. But what about old, unopened boxes from the first Overwatch? The developers have now given the answer to this question in an AMA.

This news should have surprised many fans at the official Overwatch 2 unveiling event: Although the new Blizzard shooter will be based on a Free2Play model, there will be no more loot boxes in the future, only an in-game shop. The fans are therefore rightly asking the question: what actually happens to unopened loot boxes from Overwatch when the successor appears? And what about the Overwatch in-game currency?

Loot boxes do not expire

The developers at Blizzard have now answered exactly these questions as part of an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit. The good news for fans: the contents of unopened loot boxes will not expire when Overwatch 2 is released. Instead, all boxes are opened automatically and the contents are transferred to the associated account. This also applies to seasonal loot boxes, which will continue to contain the corresponding event items regardless of when they are opened, even if the event was months ago.

The second good news concerns the credits and other currencies like OWL tokens that you have earned in Overwatch. The developers write:

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We’ll give you more detailed information on that before Overwatch 2 goes live in October. But to give you a quick answer right now, these existing currencies (credits, OWL tokens, and Competitive Points) will come with you to Overwatch 2. […] OW1 Credits will carry over to OW2, but our new virtual currency will become the primary currency, and there will be things in Overwatch 2 that you can’t buy with OW1 Credits.”