German twitch streamer and his community destroy the favorite game of the gamers you don’t like

German twitch streamer and his community destroy the favorite game of the gamers you don't like

German Twitch streamer Trymacs has come up with a crazy strategy to dominate the mobile game Clash of Clans. He has reached ranks 1 and 2 worldwide with two clans and now lets them fight each other. From this he generates city gold in order to maximize further clans. Soon the entire leaderboard could consist of just his clans – with ramifications for the whole game.

What’s happening right now?

  • Trymacs is known to invest a lot of money into games like FIFA. The streamer and YouTuber has been showing mobile games on its channels for years, including Clash of Clans, one of the most successful games ever (via sensor tower).
  • In May he achieved a record with his clan. They were the first to completely upgrade a clan city. They took first place in the ranking.
  • Since then, Trymacs and his community have always founded new clans, which they also wanted to push up by fighting each other. He now holds ranks 1, 2 and 3 – with a clear gap to rank 4.
  • However, the method affects the game as a whole.

Clash of Clans: What should I upgrade first?

Lots of currency for the Trymacs community and few opportunities for other clans

How exactly does the method work? Trymacs first completely expanded a clan. That actually takes several years or costs the equivalent of 550,000 euros. With his community, however, things went much faster, although it is unclear how much real money was invested here.

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A second clan was then created, in which Trymacs and his viewers also invested the in-game currency, Stadtgold. Within a few weeks, this clan was number 2 in the global rankings.

Now comes the trick:

  • Both clans build their defenses according to a specific scheme, so half of them cannot damage infantry troops, the other half cannot damage airborne troops. If you use your troops skillfully, you can easily destroy the clan city – actually several players are needed per attack.
  • In addition, only clans that have roughly the same strength will fight each other. So currently only the Trymacs clans are fighting each other.
  • City Gold and Raid Medals are rewarded for destroying them.
    • The city gold is reinvested in a new clan, which can be raised in the ranking.
    • The raid medals, on the other hand, are a personal currency that players can use to buy magical items such as potions, wall rings, boosters or upgrades. Thus, the players themselves have something of the push of the clans.

Trymacs shows in this video how quickly the creation of new clans works:

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What is the result? Trymacs dominates the leaderboard. Since his clans fight each other, the maximum amount of city gold is won and without much effort. This is reinvested to bring new clans to the top, which can then also earn maximum city gold again.

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Basically, Trymacs leads the ranking ad absurdum, because nobody will catch up with his clans anymore.

We can now make three million town gold with each clan every week. Without the community, without you. […]. We can max another clan every few weeks just with our clans. Then when we’ve maxed out the fourth, the fifth goes faster. And when we have the fifth on Max, the sixth goes even faster. This goes so far that we can only max out a clan every weekend with our existing clans.

But there are also good rewards for the players themselves. The number of Raid Medals depends on how well the clan performed in a raid weekend. Since the wins are guaranteed, there are also maximum rewards. This in turn pushes the players in their own villages.

“The developers have to do something about this”

What does Trymacs say about this? In his videos, he can’t believe that this method works. He was completely surprised that his third clan reached number 3 within three weeks.

He emphasizes that although no other clan is harmed directly, the ranking list is meaningless. He also benefits from it in his village. So he just maximizes the walls only with the help of the raid medals.

He sees the developers as having an obligation to do something about it: “Supercell has to do something about that,” it says at the end of a video (via YouTube). However, it doesn’t currently look like Trymacs will stop maxing out more clans.

Twitch: Who were the first successful streamers?

Streamers have many followers: It has long been known that Twitch streamers and YouTubers can influence games. When Asmongold was on the road for the first time in Final Fantasy XIV, he could hardly save himself from onlookers.

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These influencers also play an important role when it comes to trends and can create hype, but also damage games with their criticism or behavior.

Again and again people contact Trymacs who see their fun in the game being threatened by the fact that it is threatening so many clans in the rankings. They see Clash of Clans as a whole in jeopardy.

What do you think of Trymacs and his action in Clash of Clans? Should creators and streamers be able to dominate entire games and take away the fun from others?

But Trymacs not only invests time and money in Clash of Clans:

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