Cynora: Bruchsal OLED innovator at the end

Cynora started promising.  In mid-2022 it was quickly over again.

Samsung strikes

Cynora wanted to revolutionize the OLED market but had to put itself up for sale in 2021. Samsung showed interest a few weeks ago, but only in the patents.


Cynora started promising. In mid-2022 it was quickly over again.
© Cynora

The company name is rather unknown. Cynora was a young German R&D start-up that aimed to increase the efficiency of blue OLEDs to fill a well-known technical gap.

Founded in 2008, it has achieved success over the years and was a beacon of hope in professional circles. Subsidies flowed in, and in 2017 Samsung and LG Display also invested, which gave the Bruchsal-based company a further boost.

Nevertheless, it fell into disrepair and has been available for purchase since 2021. The management cited the corona pandemic and the Ukraine war as the reason. Samsung has now struck – in the truest sense of the word.

The Koreans were interested in the innovator’s proud 700 patents, but not in the company. Money flowed, but the research halls are now being closed and the workforce is losing their jobs.

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