Fans declare Red Dead Online dead and plan an in-game funeral

Time for Frontier Justice: Fans want to take RDO underground.

Time for Frontier Justice: Fans want to take RDO underground.

Red Dead Online has been facing massive criticism from the community for some time now. Too little comes from Rockstar, so the accusation. The studio doesn’t care about the game because GTA Online generates significantly more sales. The frustration is now so great that some fans are planning an official funeral for the coming week.

Red Dead Online’s burial is set to become a resurrection

It’s all about this: It’s almost been a year since Rockstar released the last major update for Red Dead Online, Blood Money. That’s a very long time – so long that the community now feels fooled by the studio’s ignorance.

That’s why the fan account is calling Red Dead News on Twitter to celebrate a metaphorical funeral for RDO. July 13th was not chosen by chance as the date for the event, because the Blood Money expansion was released on exactly that date in 2021.

Who’s joining us to celebrate the one-year end of Red Dead Online with a funeral? Put on your best funeral attire, get your friends to join us, tag us in pictures and use the hashtags [#RedDeadFuneral und #SaveRedDeadOnline]. Save the date: Wednesday 13 July. Are you in?

Fans are still hoping for a revival: The action is primarily intended as criticism, but there is also a glimmer of hope in it. The plan is apparently not to delete the accounts after the digital funeral and never play Red Dead Online again. As the call to use the hashtags shows, fans are speculating that Rockstar will take notice of the event and finally bring more content again.

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Blood Money was the last major update:

Red Dead Online: Trailer introduces the new content of the Blood Money update


Red Dead Online: Trailer introduces the new content of the Blood Money update

Is the problem really with the updates? The question, however, is whether simply adding more missions, items, and quests would really be the salvation of RDO, as there’s a possible reason why the game couldn’t keep up with GTA Online from the start. While the online chaos in the gangster simulation does justice to the behavior of the gamblers, the seriousness of Red Dead Online clashes with the clowns and trolls roaming the west. To succeed with the title, Rockstar would have to completely change the approach to RDO.

More Red Dead Online news:

Red Dead Redemption is currently available on PS Plus

If you have a PS Plus Extra or PS Plus Premium subscription, you can currently play Red Dead Redemption, Undead Nightmare and Red Dead Redemption 2 on PS4 and PS5 at no additional cost. However, Rockstar’s western adventures are among the first games on the service to have an expiration date. RDR 2 is already riding into the sunset on September 20th, and the first part, including the expansion, will say goodbye on October 17th.

What do you think of the Red Dead Online funeral – is it justified or just pointless?