Is Mario Kart coming to PC?

Mario Kart Tour Aufmacher

If we’re honest, hardly any other Nintendo game has given us as many fun evenings as it has Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. 8 years already entertains the game and the Re-release for the Nintendo Switch has paid off in full for the manufacturer. The title is still sold today.

Rightly so, after all, chaotic “Mario Kart” rounds with family or friends never get boring. Currently there is even a booster route pass that 48 new tracks in the game brings, which will be released gradually.

But when will the next big Mario bash come? When is Mario Kart 9 coming? At this point we have already speculated that it is now in development could be located.

Is Nintendo planning a PC version of Mario Kart?

If you dem mobile gaming space If you can gain something, then of course you could first of all Mario Kart Tour to grab. With the mobile offshoot, Nintendo has at least proven that they are willing to explore new territory.

But now are new clues surfaced, pointing to a new development. This is how the mobile title should be made playable for the PC if the rumors are true.

A few data miners looked at the data from “Mario Kart Tour” in detail. they are talking about Mouse support and a native emulation. That would be essential information for Nintendo’s next project. Is the manufacturer preparing the PC emulation here?

Reason is one new program: “Google Play Games for PC”which aims to make games playable on PC that previously only via the Google Play Store on mobile devices. The program is scheduled to start towards the end of the year.

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However, the program is not yet in the final phase. And whether there will actually be a real PC version of “Mario Kart Tour” in the end remains a little questionable. But as always, if there’s an update here, you’ll find out at