Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Two games was an option at times

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The remake of Final Fantasy 7 will not be published in two but in three parts. This gave Square Enix officially announced at the presentation of the second remake game as part of the 25th anniversary of the original. Tetsuya Nomurathe game’s creative director, and Yoshinori Kitasethe producer of the title, spoke in an interview with the Japanese video game magazine Famitsu about the decision to split the Final Fantasy 7 Remake into three games instead of two.

The decision in development

In an interview, Tetsuya Nomura first talked about why the trilogy wasn’t announced earlier: “The reason we hadn’t announced how many parts there would be until now was that we were wondering if it should be a trilogy or two parts. Originally I had [Nomura] a trilogy planned, but Kitase noted that they want to explore the possibility of two games.”

It is one of many ideas that have been floating around“, according to Kitase. “At the beginning of the development of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake it was difficult to estimate how many hours and what kind of development would be necessary, but in the end we knew how many hours and what schedule was necessary. So I honestly thought it might be possible to get the ending in the next game.According to Tetsuya Nomura, there is currently no fourth game planned for the remake series.

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