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Of: Philip Hansen

Ron Bielecki splits YouTube Germany again. Showing off and drinking alcohol during a wild trip to the luxury casino culminate in a chase through the hotel.

Czech Republic – Ron Bielecki has been drinking, partying and polarizing again. This time, the controversial and incorrigible YouTuber ends up in a luxury casino in the Czech Republic. The trip with MontanaBlack escalated and in the new video we see the heavily criticized party animal recounting a night that culminated in a car chase. Clothes were not involved, but plenty of fear, which is wiped away with a smile.

Full name Ron Bielecki
birthday Aug. 24, 1998
Place of birth Berlin
Followers on YouTube 535,000 (as of June 2022)
Followers on Instagram 683,000 (as of June 2022)

Ron Bieleckie flaunts his private jet, but not everyone is having the decadent party

It’s about this hangover trip: Ron Bielecki does what he probably does best: splurge. Exactly why he was recently criticized by YouTuber Unge. Bielecki’s new video shows him making a pilgrimage to the casino in the Czech Republic with his like-minded entourage. Of course, you travel in proper style by private jet and helicopter – after all, you want to impress MontanaBlack, who is on board. The spectacle, reminiscent of the Hangover films, takes a rather uncomfortable turn.

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After an exuberant game of chance and one or two bottles of sparkling wine (Dom Pérignon, what else does Ron Bielecki spend 30,000 euros on) the restful night’s sleep should begin. But the morning after brings a rude awakening. Because during the night Ron Bielecki was followed by a woman, almost hunted.

  • In the video, we see another hotel guest being spoken to in English by a girl in a birthday suit saying “hallway” speaks. According to him, the unclothed woman ran wild.
  • As the camera approaches Ron Bielecki’s room, they accidentally find women’s clothing. An overall picture is slowly emerging.
  • The cameraman rightly wonders: “How the hell does lipstick get on the door handle?” when he arrives in front of Ron Bielecki’s room.
MontanaBlack: Twitch streamer on Ron Bielecki: “Go to therapy” © DPA: Philipp Schulze / Instagram: Ron Bielecki

A rude awakening after a night of partying – Ron Bielecki tears alcohol joke despite criticism

Here’s how Ron Bielecki experienced the persecution: Ron Bielecki talks about his fear, even if his broad grin speaks more of fun. Bielecki, who is still asleep, describes the situation in a cosmopolitan way:

Dude, I have no idea what’s going on in the Czech Republic, but suddenly there was one here [unbekleidete] Woman in the room who completely freaked out. She ran after me into the lobby [entkleidet]. [ich hatte] very bad fear. I thought my popular liver ended up here on the market.

At least he shows humor in the face of the undressed threat: Ron Bielecki is heavily criticized because he consumes too much alcohol – unfortunately not funny at all. Even his companions like MontanaBlack advise the YouTuber to go into therapy and stop the harmful booze. Unfortunately, the allusion to his liver probably shows that he dismisses the serious problem as a joke.

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Here you can watch the video with the title “Hoppe Hoppe Reiter” for yourself: We picked out the spot when Ron Bielecki reported on the almost nightmarish chase through the luxury casino:

Ron Bielecki polarizes – that’s what viewers say about the “Hoppe Hoppe Reiter” video

Ron Bielecki divides viewers. Some celebrate the splurge, the uninhibited partying and have a good time in the comments on YouTube. Statements like “You’re only young once!” hit the nerve of the target group who were excluded from social activities for too long (e.g. due to Corona). MontanaBlack fans, meanwhile, rejoice that his typical “Digga“ quickly rubbed off on Ron Bielecki and supplemented his vocabulary.

Other viewers perceive the trip to the casino as a “children’s birthday‘ and in general we can only laugh at Ron Bielecki. Whereby many slowly find alcohol consumption anything but funny. Especially since the drunken rabble against a security guard, Bielecki has been categorically underwhelmed by many viewers.

Recently, allegations of NFT fraud by Ron Bielecki also caused criticism. The former fitness guru, who has since become a YouTube scandal, will probably not calm down anytime soon, much to the delight – or hatred – of the viewers.