Experience audio books, series and music on Amazon Prime Day from €0!

Prime Day

On Prime Day you get pretty much all Amazon services like Kindle Unlimited, Amazon Music and many more. Get the industry’s best entertainment packages now.

Finally it is Prime Day here and countless items are reduced. These also include various entertainment services from Amazon: Whether listening to music, reading books or keeping the children busy, everything you need is cheaper today and tomorrow. All offers are exclusively for Prime membersif you don’t have a membership yet, you can try Prime for free for 30 days:

Try Amazon Prime now for 30 days

Stream music without end – cheaper than Spotify

With Amazon Music Unlimited you have access to an almost endless pool of songs of any kind. The service normally costs Prime members 8.99 euros per month until the end of tomorrow Prime Days but you get whole 4 months completely free.

Again, Amazon has another deal up its sleeve. If you buy an Echo, you even get a whopping six months of Music Unlimited for free. Both offers are only valid for new customers.

Get Echo + 6 months Music Unlimited for free now

Read as much as you want: Three months of Kindle Unlimited for free

Kindle Unlimited is to books what Amazon Prime Video is to films and series. With this service, millions of eBooks and magazines are available to you. Nothing stands in the way of unlimited reading and listening pleasure

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However, there is a small obstacle: In order to read e-books, it is advisable to have an appropriate reader at hand. Browsing books on a smartphone is not the best experience. So if you are still missing a suitable device, Amazon has a top offer for you here too. Because the best Kindle, the Kindle Paperwhiteyou’ll get it together by tomorrow evening 3 months of Kindle Unlimited for only €79.99!

Buy Kindle Paperwhite + Unlimited now for only €79.99

Prime Day: Half a year for €2.95 per month. listen to audio books

If you want to immerse yourself in strange worlds and gripping stories with your ears instead of your eyes, you should take a look at the audible offer on Prime Day.

With audible do you have yours audio books Always there. With a subscription you not only get access to different podcast, but you can download an audio book for free every month. Usually the service costs 9.95 euros per month, Prime members can get up to date 6 months for only €2.95 each to back up.

Secure 6 months of audible for €2.95 each

Amazon Prime Day 2022 live now: These are the best offers

Perfect for children: 12 months of Amazon Kids+ for only €19.99

Amazon Kids+ is a library with over 10,000 popular and child-friendly books, audio books and radio plays, films, games, TV series and learning apps. With the practical child lock Parents always have control over what content the children can use and for how long. Normally, twelve months would cost €49, but you pay during Prime Day only €19.99which is almost a 50% discount!

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Get 12 months of Amazon Kids+ now for just €19.99

Prime Video Channels on Prime Day for only 99 cents

Prime Day

the Prime Video Channels are a great address if you are interested in content with a very specific focus. From arthouse to crime thrillers to blockbusters, there are channels for every taste. You can currently select selected channels for a month only 99 cents Reserve.

Subscribe to the perfect channel now

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