PS5 SSD from Sony and Western Digital is the first officially licensed storage expansion

If you're confused by the sheer volume of PS5 SSDs, now there's a simple, no-nonsense solution.

If you’re confused by the sheer volume of PS5 SSDs, now there’s a simple, no-nonsense solution.

Sony’s PS5 doesn’t offer endless storage space. But fortunately you can expand it with the help of fast SSDs. However, the market seems confusing and there are many things you need to pay attention to in order not to make mistakes. If you want to save yourself all this, you will soon finally be able to access an officially licensed memory expansion that Sony and Western Digital are bringing to the market.

There is now an officially licensed SSD for the PS5

1. officially licensed PS5 SSD: If you’re wondering now, don’t worry. There are already plenty of SSDs that you can easily install in your PS5 and some models that are officially compatible. But an officially licensed PS5 SSD is only coming out now, a good year and a half after the launch of the Sony console.

The SN850 NVMe M.2 SSD for PS5 by Western Digital comes in a 1TB version and in a 2TB version. In terms of technical data (7000MB/s read and 5300MB/s write speed) it does not differ from the normal SN850. But you don’t have to worry about the heatsink and its height or anything like that, it all fits in any case and officially in the PS5.

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How much does the fun cost? The 2TB variant of the SSD for PS5 consoles costs 314.99 euros, while the 1TB variant costs 207.99 euros.

Otherwise you have to pay attention to this: You can read about the dimensions, speeds, socket types and Co. officially required so that an SSD can be installed in the PS5 in the following GamePro article. There we also list a lot of alternatives:

Compatible SSDs, heatsinks and all requirements


Expand PS5 storage:

Compatible SSDs, heatsinks and all requirements

How to install the SSD: If you then have an SSD for your PS5, it must of course also be installed. This is more complicated than is the case with the Xbox Series S/X, for example, but it is not too much of a challenge. You can read how the SSD installation in the PS5 works in this GamePro guide:

Install PS5 SSD: This is how it works, you have to pay attention to that


more on the subject

Install PS5 SSD: This is how it works, you have to pay attention to that

For whom is the official SSD suitable? If you don’t feel like reading exactly what needs to be considered and whether an SSD now meets all the requirements, you can simply use the official PS5 SSD. This may save time and nerves and can help prevent confusion. After all, just one look at the logos on the box shows that the SSD is guaranteed to fit the PS5. But if you have some time to spare, you can probably get away with other SSDs for much less.

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What do you think of the officially licensed PS5 SSD? Would you buy one like this?