Inspired by Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley: Inse adventures with farming elements coming soon to Steam

Inspired by Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley: Inse adventures with farming elements coming soon to Steam

Snowcastle Games is about to launch ICONIC ISLAND: AN EARTHLOCK ADVENTURE on Steam in beta and Early Access is set to come soon.

What kind of game will ICONI Island: An Earthlock Adventure be? As the name of the title suggests, the game’s setting is a mysterious island.

ICONI Island: An Earthlock Adventure is an adventure game set in a magical world. The player has the opportunity to explore the island with its inhabitants, to construct objects and buildings and to set up your own farm.

What is ICONIC Island: An Earthlock Adventure about? Things are going wrong on the island of ICONIC.

A shield meant to keep the world hidden is gone, and the so-called magical “amri” turns plants into monsters.

The player must solve the mysteries of the island and restore order to nature.

Which game studio is behind the game? Snowcastle Games is the game studio behind ICONI Island: An Earthlock Adventure.

Info about Beta / Early Access of ikoni Island: An Earthlock Adventure

When does the beta phase start? ICONI Island open beta starts on June 17, 2022. The beta phase will last 2 weeks. More precisely, from June 17th to July 1st, 2022.

How can I participate in the Open Beta? Interested players can on Steam the Request access to the game. As soon as the developer accepts further participants, you will receive a message.

When does ICONI Island: An Earthlock Early Access start? Early Access on Steam is scheduled for summer 2022. Later, the game will also be released for the platforms Nintendo Switch, PS4/PS5, XboxOne and XboxSeries X/S.

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Check out the trailer for the ikoni island: an earthlock adventure open beta here:

ICONI Island: An Earthlock Adventure – Open Beta Trailer


What is the building like? The player can explore the world of ICONIC Island: An Earthlock Adventure and find various resources along the way.

The player can use the resources found to craft their own objects and buildings. With these, the island can be designed and decorated according to your own taste.

The player can also set up his own farm and grow his own crops.

Cultivation of own plants on the island

Who else lives on the island? The inhabitants of the island are various animal-like creatures that tell their backstories or share their knowledge with the player.

Also, players can befriend the wild animals that live on the island. The animals have certain abilities that can help the player to unlock more parts of the island.

However, there are also creatures that are not kind to the player. Weapons can be built for this to defend yourself on the discovery tours

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What should not be missing in any island game? A group of pirates has also discovered the island for themselves. Now they want to make money on the island by capturing and imprisoning animals. The player must prevent this and free the animals.

Will it be a multiplayer game? The game ICONI Island: An Earthlock Adventure will also have multiplayer. More detailed information is to follow.

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Why is the concept of ICONIC ISLAND so familiar to me? Game studio Snowcastle Games wrote in its announcement that the game was inspired by Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley (via

However, the game studio wants to bring its own spin to the genre and is building with their new game ICONI Island: An Earthlock Adventure also builds on the basics of their RPG game Earthlock.

Are you looking forward to ICONI Island: An Earthlock Adventure? Feel free to write it in the comments.

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