release date! Nintendo delivers news about Bayonetta 3

Bayonetta 3: "Just buy a switch"says the developer (1)

Surprise! Nintendo announced the release of bayonetta 3 revealed in a trailer. It’s been almost five years since part 3 of Platinum Games announced became. Now the witch is finally about to make a comeback. The game will be on October 28, 2022 Released exclusively for Switch. The makers have revealed a few more details about the sequel. Among other things, fans can look forward to a second playable heroine be happy.

Apprentice witch Viola introduced

In the footage, we get our first glimpse of witch-candidate Viola, who uses a sword out of the way. She is accompanied by the Demons Cheshire. Along with protagonist Bayonetta, Viola is one of the playable heroines of the third part that you will meet in the course of the story. But even Bayonetta gets with skills like “Demon Masquerade” new skills that allow her to harness the power of demons.

What happens in Bayonetta 3?

Once again, the title heroine has to deal with a menacing danger. It’s about them homunculi – enemy invaders created by man. Those who know the two predecessors will have their well-known arsenal at their disposal. These include the ability to slow down time, firearms and of course a selection of demon pets. We have included the trailer for Bayonetta 3 below.