Summer gadgets: 9 cool must-haves for the hot season

Summer gadgets: 9 cool must-haves for the hot season

Summer is without a doubt the best time of the year for sun worshippers. With these nine hot summer gadgets, boozy pool parties, lounging on the beach and barbecuing in the backyard can get even better.

Waterproof Bluetooth speaker with rich sound: UE Wonderboom 2

So that the pool party doesn’t fall through, music lovers should use the floating Bluetooth box Wonder Boom 2 by Ultimate Ears put. The colorful sound ball delivers a rich 360-degree sound and is extremely robust and waterproof (according to IP67). By pressing the Outdoor Boost button, you can boost volume and clarity even further, for better sound outdoors. The battery life is 13 hours.

UE Wonderboom 2
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Always the perfect temperature at hand: grill thermometer

Real barbecue gourmets should not rely on a handy one BBQ thermometer waive. It reliably measures the temperature – even in the whole chicken. With the little helper every steak succeeds, according to taste, rare, medium or well-done. Indispensable at a barbecue party – after all, nothing spoils the mood for summer more than burnt and tough grilled food.

BBQ thermometer
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Ice Ice baby: ice cream maker for home use

Speaking of cool gadgets: What would be better in summer than making your own ice cream? With a ice machine it’s child’s play. Thanks to the removable cooling elements or a compressor, the ingredients are already cooled down in the machine while they are being mixed and mixed into a creamy mass. This is then placed in the freezer again for the best consistency – and the DIY ice cream is ready.

ice machines
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Smoke-free and still delicious: LotusGrill

Who trouble with the neighbors due to formidable If you want to avoid smoke, but don’t want to do without the smoky charcoal aroma when grilling, you should use the transportable Lotus Grill envisage. The smoke-free charcoal grill is based on a special design that allows very little or no smoke to develop.

Lotus Grill
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Always have your valuables with you: sun cream safe

You would actually like to jump into the cool water, but are reluctant to let your valuables out of your sight? There could be thieves among the other bathers. There is a clever solution for the security of smartphones and the like: anti-theft protection in the form of a sunscreen bottle. All valuable items can be kept in the inconspicuous mini safe so that a thief cannot find them at first glance.

The lifesaver for the wrist: Kingii

Summertime is water sports time, but according to the WHO around 372,000 people drown around the world every year while paddling, surfing and diving. Kingii wants to reduce this number with its integrated air cushion. At first glance, the wearable is just a wide, simple bracelet.

However, should the wearer not be able to come to the surface of the water on their own, they can operate a lever. The bright orange air cushion then opens, inflates in a matter of seconds and pulls its user to the surface. With the help of an attached whistle, the person seeking help can then draw attention to themselves. If you replace the CO2 capsule after use, you can use the gadget again later.

For a cold drink: protective smartphone case with bottle opener

Hama bottle opener protective cover
full screen

Anyone who cannot improvise with the edge of a table, lighter or similar when opening a beer should have their smartphone to hand at all times in the future. Ingenious protective covers boast a retractable bottle opener – pretty casual. And at the same time super handy, uncomplicated and always ready to hand.

The trusty Bluetooth cool box: Follow Me

Follow Me Bluetooth cool box
full screen

This cool box follows you like a good companion.

Image: © YouTube/Hacker House 2017

May we introduce: Follow Me, brand: self-made. Along with the temperatures, the desire for cold drinks also increases. But who always wants to lug the heavy cooler with them? One of the coolest do-it-yourself summer gadgets is therefore the self-propelled box Follow Me. It is connected to its owner’s smartphone via Bluetooth and follows him every step of the way via GPS. The catch: So far, Follow Me has only been for talented inventors, because the inventors only put instructions online for you to build yourself.

Smart sun protection control: Sunscreer

Self-confessed sun worshipers know the problem: the whole body is rubbed with sunscreen, but this one spot has been forgotten. The next day, this area of ​​skin is red hot and painful. Cool gadgets like the “Sunscreenr” can prevent this scenario: when you look through the camera lens, well-applied skin appears dark, while light areas are not adequately protected.

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