Hogwarts Legacy: Developer leaks secret game content

Hogwarts legacy is currently one of the most anticipated games in the industry. a solid The release date is still pending. Reason enough for impatient gamers, the already published gameplay footage to be examined more closely. So some eagle eyes may have one elementary detail discovered.

As part of the PlayStation State of Play to “Hogwarts Legacy” and the related Gameplay trailer developer Avalanche Software accidentally added some Leak game mechanics, which he might want to save for later. The accidental leak was relayed by Reddit, who pointed out that the video was indeed the first look at the user interface of the game there.

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Pausing at the right moment shows up minutes 6:14 a striking editing error, the for three frames Skill view revealed. This was discovered, among others, by the German YouTuber Agito (using an editing program).

So you can see some in the lower right corner Buttons to cast spells can. According to the symbols, it could be the basic spells lumos, Wingardium Leviosa and Accio act. The right Icon is obviously charging. This suggests that at least some Cast a cooldown own.

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So this revelation suggests that players will be able to equip four of the spells learned so far. Agito also suspects that there is a species in the top left Ultimate ad located. It would be one special ability act, which must first be charged. It is easy to imagine that this is used for stronger spells. As the Dueling and combat system will look like, we have already reported.

We would like to point out that the shown user interface possibly just a placeholder is. Nevertheless, this leak brings breath of fresh air into the speculation about Hogwarts Legacy. Gradually, more and more details come to light. We can therefore continue to be curious about which ones content and features the highly coveted game from the Harry Potter universe will come up.


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