Destiny 2: Weekly Reset on 07/19 – Solstice Event 2022 starts

Destiny 2 Sunstabber

Destiny 2 is getting a bit of a change as the 2022 Solstice event kicks off in the space shooter this week. Put your feet up, bring your friends and have some fun with this year’s festivities.

This is happening this week: True space granny Eva Levante will visit Destiny 2 and dance with you as the 2022 Solstice Event begins. As always, you’ll have a chance to win shiny new armor and unlock more cosmetic items with the newly introduced Event Pass.

However, if this week’s event isn’t your thing, then you can make an impression on Zavala, who’s giving away bonus Vanguard Rank Points at Dusk. With this you could push your ranks again on the way to the last triumphs.

Then, when Lord Saladin leaves the Tower tonight, PvP players will find distraction from the heavily team-based Rift Iron Banner mode in the Cauldron and Zone Control. The choice is yours. And at the end of the week, the Osiris PvP trials will start again.

The most important information about activities from 19.07. until 26.07.

Vanguard: Dawn – The Crucible

The Dawn: The Crucible is this week’s Strike:

  • Guardian of Nothingin the former prison of the elderly
    • You have to find the “Crazy Overseer”. He is a heavily modified Fallen Servitor used by Variks the Loyal to oversee the Prison of the Elders. After the taunt erupted, he activated and now exhibits erratic behavior, requiring the Guardians to stop him.
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This week’s Dusk Weapon: In the 9th season week of the “Season of the Haunted” you can earn a special twilight weapon.

  • We will add the weapon to you as soon as it is known.

Playlist strikes have these modifiers:

  • Void Scorch
  • brawler
  • iron
  • The Singe modifier stays with you throughout the week, the others change daily.

Endgame: Raid challenges and dungeon rotation

This happens in the latest raidThe student’s oath“:

  • This week in the Vow of the Apprentice raid is the “defense down”. This raid challenge requires you to kill only one Taken Knight with your relic.
  • As a reward for completing the challenge in the third stage of the Grandmaster Raid this week, there is a chance for a Master version of the Submachine Gun Submission or the Redemption Fusion Rifle. But keep in mind that hard and normal mode share the loot.

You get additional top rewards from the endgame:

  • in the Last Wish raid in the Dreaming City
  • as well as in the dungeon “Shattered Throne”

Weekly Activities

With Season 17, other activities have also come into play. Explore the Forsaken Leviathan and face the nightmares or surprise bosses in the new patrol zone. Pull the solar scythe there and defend yourself in the nightmare containment. In addition, these weekly activities await you:

Savathun’s Throne World – Weekly campaign mission

  • “The List”
    • In this campaign mission, on a tip from Fynch, you’ll search the dark corners of Savathun’s throne world for another clue to how she stole the light.
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Crucible – These are the PvP playlists:

  • private match
  • rumble
  • control
  • elimination
  • Glory Survival
  • Glory Survival: Freelance
  • cauldron
  • zone control

Ascendant Challenge – Dreaming City

  • Petra Venj is at the top of the pavilion in the area “The Shore” in the Dreaming City. The curse cycle restarts and curse week 1 is active. The 5th Ascendant Challenge is also active

Sources of pinnacle loot in Destiny 2 Season 17

This is the new max level: In the new season of the haunted, the maximum power level of your gear is 1,570. This means that the power level at the start of the new season 17 has increased by +10 power levels compared to the previous season 16. All players have also been raised to the base power level of 1350.

If you want to level up fast, you can also play the Legendary Campaign of the Witch Queen expansion and get 1,530 on completion and get a new exotic.

This top loot (Pinnacle Gear) takes your power level above 1,560:

  • Top Raid “The Apprentice’s Oath” (+2)
  • This Week’s Legacy Raid Rotation: Last Wish (+2)
  • Shattered Throne Legacy Dungeon Rotation (+2)
  • Accomplished in the Dawn: Trial by Fire with at least 100,000 points (+2)
  • Separation Seasonal Activity (+2)
  • Weekly Witch Queen campaign mission with at least 100,000 points (+2)
  • Complete the Conservation activity in the Pyramid of Darkness (+2)
  • “Tests of Courage of Eternity”: Score at least 250,000 points or more (+2)
  • Defeat Mighty Cabal in the exotic mission “Vox Obscura” (+2)
  • Complete 3 Gambit matches (+1)
  • Complete 3 Crucible matches (+1)
  • Complete 3 Vanguard Operation strikes with appropriate focus (+1)
  • Hawthorne’s Clan Task (+1)
  • Trials of Osiris (+2)
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Bright Dust Highlights in Eververse

This time you can expect a cool ship for your collection and even more goodies.

A luxurious ship – The Sunstecher

This week you can also get these highlights in the Everversum shop for bright dust, i.e. the in-game currency that can be earned.

  • Festival Dance Exotic Emote
  • Inhale Exotic Emote
  • Legendary Guardian Glaive Emote
  • Exotic Ship “Sunstabber”
  • Blacklight Razor Blade Exotic Sparrow
  • Exotic Spirit Shell “Jubilee Shell”
  • Legendary Ghost Projection “Buried Treasure”
  • Bridgehead VI Exotic Weapon Ornament
  • Orange Gloss Shader

Are you ready for the 2022 Solstice Event, or are you just not going to grind and skip it? Let us know how you feel about it in the comments!