Stray: All chapters in the overview – German list

spoiler alert

Would you like to see the world out of someone’s eyes? Cat experience, offers the adventure Stray by developer Blue Twelve Studios almost perfectly. After all, you slip into the skin of such a four-legged friend and have to overcome a number of obstacles and dangers in order to reach your goal.

But how extensive is the title and how long does the cat adventure actually keep you busy?

a notice: The following chapter names reveal a lot about the locations that await you in “Stray”, which is why we warn you about spoilers at this point.

Overview of all chapters in Stray

“Stray” is a fairly clear game, what the general scope and the game time concerns. Overall expect you 12 different chapters, which rarely keep you busy for more than 20 minutes. So most of you should already be after 4 to 5 hours see the credits flicker across the screen.

In brackets we give you the number of memories that you can find in each chapter.

  1. Inside the Wall
  2. necropolis
  3. The apartment (1. reminder)
  4. The slums (7 memories)
  5. The roofs
  6. The Slums – Part 2 (7 memories, same as chapter 4)
  7. dead end (3 memories)
  8. The sewers (2 memories)
  9. ant village (2 memories)
  10. city ​​center (7 memories)
  11. prison (1. reminder)
  12. control room (1. reminder)

As soon as you have finished a chapter, you can start it again every time, for example missed trophies catch up. All you have to do is go to the main menu, click on “Start game” and then click on your current save slot. Now the option “Select Chapter” appears. This will take you to an overview of all the chapters you have completed so far.

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Here you can also see how many memories are hidden in each chapter. So you can check while playing how many of these collectibles you still have to find.