Stray: Locations of all vending machines & energy drinks at a glance – Guide

Stray: Locations of all vending machines & energy drinks at a glance - Guide

The cat adventure Stray is in terms of scope Although quite clear, there are still some collectibles that you have to find in order to get the title 100 percent to complete. For example, do you want the gold trophy? I remember! you all have to get it B-12 Reminders collect.

Chapter 4 – The Slum: How to get the B-12 memory

One of the B-12 Reminders can you in Chapter 4 from “Stray” at the Trader Azooz acquire. In return, however, he does not ask for money, but three energy drinks. But where can these drinks be found in the level?

Stray: Locations of all energy drinks

Throughout the game you can total four energy drinks Find. You need a can to get the fourth sheet of music from the dealer. By the way, we show you the locations of all eight sheets of music in this article. The other three drinks are for the memory in question. In the following we will show you where you can four vending machines finds.

Energy Drink #1 – Drink Vending Machine

The first vending machines can be found in chapter 4 of “Stray” if you walk directly to the left into the street by the guard. There are two vending machines on the right-hand side, the one on the right is lit and fully functional. Interact with this to get the first energy drink to obtain.

Energy Drink #2 – Soda Vending Machine

If you stand directly in front of the guard, turn 180 degrees and then run down the stairs. Now turn into the right alley and follow it to a junction. Here the second vending machine notice that you can also interact with the second energy drink to obtain.

Energy Drink #3 – Soda Vending Machine

Now you should go to the roofs. There are many different ways to get to the top of the slums. We leave it up to you to choose where to climb.

Look out now for a couch, which stands together with a television on a flat roof. A rather conspicuous chain of lights hangs above it. There is a ladder leaning against the left wall, right next to it you will find the one you are looking for third vending machine. Interact with this to get the third energy drink to be able to receive.

Energy Drink #4 – Soda Vending Machine

The last machine is actually a bit tricky to find. With our solution this shouldn’t be a problem. Next to the roof with the couch, you’ll notice another couch with a robot sitting on a bucket next to it.

From this couch, go straight to the edge and look down. It’s a little further down fourth and at the same time vending machine on a balcony. Jump down and grab it last energy drink. That’s it!

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