Asrock: The manufacturer’s first gaming monitors come with 165 Hertz and a maximum of 1440p

Asrock: The manufacturer's first gaming monitors come with 165 Hertz and a maximum of 1440p

from Valentin Sattler
Asrock is apparently currently working on the company’s first (gaming) monitors. The two models PG34WQ15R and PG27FF are already listed in AMD’s Freesync database, according to which they can be operated at up to 165 Hertz.

The manufacturer Asrock, known for its mainboards, graphics cards and mini-PCs, among other things, apparently also wants to offer monitors in the future. According to the leaker active on Twitter @momomo_us At least two models are currently planned with the names PG34WQ15R and PG27FF, with which the company apparently wants to target gamers.

Asrock monitors

There are several sources for the existence of both monitors: The PG34WQ15R was apparently at a Korean authority submitted for certification, which also a first picture of the device has published. The PG27FF, on the other hand, is – without a picture – on the website of the Digital Content Protection listed. On top of that, both monitors already have a display port certification and they are now also in AMD’s list of to Freesync compatible monitors. Through this entry, the rough technical data of the screens are known.

According to the entries at AMD, the PG27FF is a 27″ monitor with an IPS panel and 1080p resolution, which thanks to Freesync supports frame rates between 48 and 165 Hertz and has low frame rate compensation and HDR support. The latter points also apply to the PG37WQ15R, but this only supports 165 Hertz via Displayport. If you connect the 34″ monitor via HDMI, however, you can only operate the built-in 1440p VA panel with a maximum of 100 Hertz.

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It is not yet clear when, where and at what price the first Asrock monitors will appear. Due to the first two letters of the product name – PG – the company is likely to market the monitors as part of the Phantom gaming series. In addition, three other models are apparently already being planned: In addition to the PG27FF, the Digital Content Protection website also mentions the PG27F15R, PG27FF1A and PG27F15R2A models, for which there are no further details yet.

Source: via Tom’s hardware