Next Apex Legends Character With Winged Companion? There will be a resolution tomorrow

Next Apex Legends Character With Winged Companion?  There will be a resolution tomorrow

By the looks of it, Respawn has given Apex Legends players an early look at the next character. Vantage will be the name of the next legend and will not compete alone in the Apex games. Respawn could show the official first trailer for the new heroine tomorrow.

Vantage could be officially shown tomorrow

Vantage was accidentally shown when a “Tales from the Outlands” video called “Survive” was uploaded too early, giving players initial information about the heroine. The video can no longer be found, but the thumbnail and some screenshots are circulating on the internet.

The accompanying text read: “Check out Survive and meet the new legend joining the Apex Legends games: Hunted, out August 9th.” The new character is now even filling entire Reddit threads.

She is said to take a flying companion with her into the arena and specializes in long-distance combat with her sniper. So abilities that allow her to track down enemies could suit her quite well. Maybe her winged friend will help?

There are already theories circulating on Reddit that Vantage is connected to Bloodhound in some way. She may be from the same planet as him. After all, he also has a bird that supports him in battle and also goes in a similar direction visually. So far, however, this is still speculation.

You won’t have to wait much longer for the resolution, because Respawn will release a new Outlands video on July 25th at 17:00 CEST. The teaser image from the YouTube premiere shows a heavily wrapped woman running on an icy surface surrounded by a flock of birds – yes, that must be Vantage.

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