Problems in LoL are so bad that Riot wants to give players back the money – but the winners want more

Problems in LoL are so bad that Riot wants to give players back the money - but the winners want more

Over the weekend of July 23rd and 24th, League of Legends ran into such big problems that Riot now wants to give players their money back. Numerous bugs plagued the League of Legends – Shadow Isles Clash amateur tournament. Riot now wants to refund players, but that’s not enough for those who were successful in the tournament.

What was going on in LoL this weekend? On July 23rd and 24th, the “League of Legends – Shadow Isles Clash” ran, a special competitive game mode to which you have to buy access. It’s a kind of “LoL tournament for amateurs”:

  • 5 players compete in a team: A team captain takes over the organization. The teams are divided into different tiers according to their skill level: Registration via a “valid mobile number” is intended to prevent strong players from registering with weak accounts, the so-called “smurfing”.
  • You need a ticket and therefore have to pay an entrance fee: There are “Basic Tickets” and “Premium Tickets” with better prices. The tickets are available from the store, among other things, where you can buy them with “Blue Essence” (the in-game currency) or Riot points (the cash currency). A premium ticket costs 975 points – that’s around €7.
  • The rewards are trophies, orbs, victory points and capsules: banners can be unlocked with the victory points.

This is the new champ in LoL, he also causes some problems:

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Numerous bugs plague the Clash tournament in LoL

what went wrong There were major problems at the tournament that disrupted the process. Due to a number of glitches and bugs, players missed their games or did not receive their rewards after wins. There is also talk of long waiting times in the queue.

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For example, players received the message that they could not join a team because they were already in one.

The biggest problem for many, however, was that there were no rewards after success.

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Riot promises a refund, but players want their win prizes

Here’s how Riot reacts: Executive Producer “Riot Brightmoon” assured on Twitter on Sunday: You know about the problems and are currently looking at what the cause of the problems is. They want to refund players their stake if they are affected by the problems.

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How are the players reacting? The players are rather dissatisfied with “refunds”. Above all, they want to receive the prizes they have earned in the game.

Several players complain that they won Clash and didn’t get any reward. That is more important to them than getting the ticket back.

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