WoW: Dragonflight: Patch 10.1 brings “Dragon Isles Underground? What awaits us there?

The dataminers were busy. 

The alpha for WoW: Dragonflight has just started and it will be a few months before patch 10.0 appears on the live servers. Nevertheless, the diligent data miners have already unearthed the first information about the further course of the expansion. An entry was found in the data that points to the area of ​​Update 10.1 – or at least is definitely related to this patch.

The entry with the name “Dragon Isle Underground” is provided with the following note: “WARNING: MUST be kept flagged “DEVELOPMENT MAP” until 10.1″. So it’s pretty much a new map, so probably a new area – or maybe a new dungeon, raid, or anything that comes with a map. However, since there is no loading screen linked to the entry (which is usually already the case with dungeons/raids at such a time), there is actually a lot to be said for a new area.

The data miners have been busy.

Source: WoWHead