A man manages to recover his stolen car thanks to AirTags

A man manages to recover his stolen car thanks to AirTags

Several users have used the trackers as an anti-theft device!

Retrieving something stolen is a mission often left to the authorities, but thanks to tracking devices like Apple’s AirTag, the process has changed a bit. According to the testimony of a man from the American city of Tennessee, the AirTag was key to recovering a stolen car.

The man identified as Joshua Wylie was aware of the tracking function of the AirTags, but it was after an attempted theft of his car that he decided to acquire and use them in the event of a similar event. And the moment arrived. After a first assault, the criminals returned for the Hyundai Santa Fe of the owner to take it definitively.

The AirTag as an ally against theft

realizing what happened the man went to the authorities and reported the device that was in his car. Thanks to this additional information, the Memphis authorities followed the trail of the thieves until they reached them, curiously in an address near a police station, according to local media.

Although no details about the operation were shared, it was confirmed that the car was located in perfect condition and Wylie was quick to testify about it:

If I hadn’t had that AirTag to show me where I was [el auto] so early this morning, there was very likely thousands of dollars more in damage to my car.

Since its launch Apple has encouraged using the AirTag to track everyday items like keys or backpacks or bikes.. But using users like Wylie also makes sense. And it’s not the first. In a similar story, another user, also in the United States, recovered his car, thanks to the help of several “hidden” AirTags, after a first attempted theft.

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While none of the above are ideal situations to take advantage of crawlers, It should be noted that both users went to the authorities to recover their cars and offer the clue thrown by the devices, before exposing themselves to a more dangerous situation.

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