GTA 5 Online: The Criminal Enterprises update starts – when will it be unlocked?

GTA 5 Online: ​Unlocking the summer update is pending - this changes the gameplay

Rockstar Games is preparing the release of The Criminal Enterprises for GTA 5 Online: The Big One Summer update is available for download today. The developers have not yet mentioned whether there will be a server downtime. It also remains to be seen at what time the update will be available for download – Rockstar has not commented on this either. Based on the patch history for Grand Theft Auto 5, the community expects the update to appear later this morning.

About the Twitter profile “videotech_” It is reported that the GTA 5 Online update will be released around 12 p.m. in Germany. A world map created by the community shows the times at which The Criminal Enterprises is to be rolled out in the individual regions of the world. Rockstar Games had already presented in detail the changes and innovations with the update in the past few days.